Are bison trailers good quality?

The stalwart steel constructed Bison Rangers offer dependable durability, safe, easy loading transportation for your horses, while the living quarters are packed with the quality and amenities most often found on luxury models. Bison Coach has built industry-leading horse trailers since 1984.

Are bison Stratus all aluminum?

Bison has created a twin to the all-aluminum Stratus with the introduction of the Stratus Express. This aluminum trailer with living quarters is also available in many of the same floorplans as the Stratus but at a price that makes it one of the most affordable aluminum trailers in the market today.

Who builds bison horse trailers?

Thor Industries
Today, as part of Thor Industries, Bison continues to be the leading manufacturer of gooseneck living quarter trailers in North America, with a diverse line of aluminum and steel horse trailers.

Who bought out bison horse trailers?

Thor, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired the net assets of Bison Coach in October 2013 from an operating unit of Navistar Inc. Bison Coach, originally founded in 1984, is known for its specialty trailers, including a full lineup of equine trailers equipped with living quarters.

What horse trailers are all aluminum?

Some of the major “all-aluminum” manufacturers that I have mentioned – Featherlite, Sooner, Sundowner, Exiss, Eby have now been around long enough that they have vastly improved their manufacturing process, and thus, their trailers.

Are Calico horse trailers any good?

They are OK,as steel trailers go. They’re made here in Arkansas. You can do a search on this site and pull up some threads about them. They’re a good basic trailer for what you are wanting it for I think.

Who bought Bison trailers?

The purchase price, which will be paid in cash, is approximately $16.7 million, subject to post-closing adjustments. “We are pleased to welcome Bison Coach to the Thor team.