Are CPAR scores public?

No records are available to the general public. The contracts tracked in CPARS must be prime contracts and fall above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (now $250,000 base plus option years).

How do you respond to a CPAR?

Responding to a CPARS Report. Once the government issues a CPARS report, you can state your concurrence or non-concurrence with the evaluation and enter comments in response. Take advantage of this opportunity, even after a favorable evaluation.

Can contractors access Cpars?

Contractor Representative functions: Note: Self-Registering initiates an account, but you won’t be able to access CPARS until a Focal Point grants you access to a contract.

Is Cpars information public?

The CPARS database is available to source selection officials government-wide, but it is not publicly available. Past Performance Information Retrieval System (“PPIRS”).

Is this contract considered to be physically completed?

Per FAR 4.804-4, a contract is physically complete when: The contractor has completed the required deliveries and the Government has inspected and accepted the supplies; The contractor has performed all services and the Government has accepted these services; and.

How long do contractors have to respond to CPAR evaluations?

The contractor will receive a CPARS-system generated notification when an evaluation is ready for comment. Contractors shall be afforded up to 14 calendar days from the date of notification of availability of the past performance evaluation to submit comments, rebutting statements, or additional information.

Why CPAR should be used?

The CPARS helps track contractor performance, and aids government agencies selecting awardees in their source selection evaluations. Past performance information is critical to the success of contractors, and CPARS is the contractor’s final report card.

How long does a Cpars rating last?

3 years
Because a CPARS rating is generally valid for 3 years (6 years for construction/architect-engineer contracts), a contractor may be inclined to challenge a negative CPARS if it believes it has been unfairly evaluated.

When should Cpars be completed?

The evaluation is due for completion 120 days after the end of the performance year. The due date includes all steps in the process, including the contractor’s comment period. If the 120 day timeframe is exceeded, an email is sent weekly to the government team stating that the evaluation is overdue.

How long files should be kept for a fixed price contract?

4.804-1 Closeout by the office administering the contract. (2) Files for firm-fixed-price contracts, other than those using simplified acquisition procedures, should be closed within 6 months after the date on which the contracting officer receives evidence of physical completion.

What is CPAR subject all about?

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