Are desk grommets a standard size?

Most have been designed to fit in a standard 80mm round grommet hole meaning they can be used to swap out standard desk grommets.

Are grommets necessary in desk?

Function: Do you need to organize and route your cables, or do you just want to protect them? The primary function of a desk grommet is to cover up the sharp edges on wood, metal, and glass desk cutouts, so that computer and phone wires can travel through them without being abraded or cut.

What are desk grommets?

Desk grommets are a great way to organize cables and route them through tabletops, desks or other furniture. They protect cables from abrasion by giving them a smooth surface to rub against, and direct them where they need to go through their openings.

What are the cable holes in desks called?

What is a grommet? Desk grommets are little disk-shaped objects that are specifically designed to be inserted into the cut-out holes found in the back of most desks. They are intended to help organize your cables and offer a route for your wires through your tabletop and out of your way.

How do I know what size grommet I need?

What size grommet you need will depend on the project. See grommet size chart below for corresponding sizes (in inches)….Grommet Size Chart.

Size ID (inner diameter) OD (outer diameter)
#1 0.454 0.790
#2 0.514 0.893
#3 0.528 0.968
#4 0.642 1.118

Where do you put grommet holes in a desk?

Each power grommet has two 58” cords that can be plugged into a wall outlet or a power strip. Holes will be drilled along the back of your desktop, 15 inches from the center of the desktop (30 inches total between them) on the left and right.

How do you secure a desk grommet?

Wires/cables can be passed through grommet before or after installation. Grommet wings are retracted and then activated for insertion into surface and securing/locking into position by simply turning the pass through tube. Once wires/cables in position, place finishing cap on tube.