Are flueless gas stoves safe?

Flueless gas stoves burn incredibly cleanly, using a catalytic converter to turn carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. As these gasses are perfectly safe, they can be released back into your room without the need for a flue.

What is the best flueless gas stove?

For those who don’t want to – or can’t – install any kind of chimney or flue, we recommend the Burley Esteem 4221 Flueless Gas Stove. So long as you follow all of the safety requirements for installing one, a flueless gas stove has the benefit of 100% efficiency as no heat is lost up a chimney!

Do you need a vent for a flueless gas fire?

A free vent area of at least 100cm2 and a minimum room size of 33m3 are stated as required for this appliance in the manufacturers instructions.

Do flueless gas fires need electricity?

Although every fire is designed differently and there are several different types of gas fires (high efficiency, LPG, Side control, flueless, Balanced flue etc) the majority of gas fireplaces do not require any electricity to work.

Which gas fire is best?

The Best Gas Fires 2020…

  • Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Eden High Efficiency Hole In The Wall Gas Fire.
  • Eko Fires 4010 Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Be Modern Design Fascia Mid Depth High Efficiency Gas Fire.

Why does my flueless gas fire smell?

Flueless gas fires use fresh air from the room. If the air quality is poor then this poor quality air will be drawn into the fire and burned causing a smell.

Can a gas fire be fitted without a chimney?

Benefits. A major advantage of balanced flue gas fires is that a chimney is not required for installation. Therefore, homeowners without a chimney in their property can still benefit from a high performance, cost-effective fireplace to instantly heat their room.

Do flueless gas fires cause condensation?

A myth created by people who do not understand the technology is that a Flueless Gas Fire will cause condensation in your house. This is untrue. Flueless gas fires are a secondary heat source, working with your central heating system.