Are Green Stuff brake pads any good?

Greenstuff Pads are the ultimate performance/fast road brake pads you can get. These pads have a high friction coefficient, great initial bite from cold, and do not fade like standard brake pads.

What are green brakes?

GreenBrakes controls each single brake. If there is a malfunction in one brake, three more will still work independently. This speed provides autonomous vehicles with extremely valuable computing time to make an AEB (automated emergency braking) decision.

What are green stuff brake pads?

Designed as an entry performance brake pad, Greenstuff is perfect for lighter vehicles such as hot hatches that are driven enthusiastically on the road. Manufactured from softer compounds when compared to alternative pads, the EBC Greenstuff range offers improved brake pedal feel at lower driving speeds.

Is EBC a good brand?

As if that weren’t enough to keep your attention, EBC Brakes is a trusted brand that’s been recognized for building brake pads for everything from wind farms, military applications, armored cars, and even tanks, so there should be no doubt about how seriously they take their craft.

How long do red stuff pads last?

Technical Info. Being a hard wearing pad, bed-in times can be as long as 1000 miles and drivers must be patient until the pad takes up the shape of their disc (brake rotor). This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking.

How do you break in EBC Green Stuff brakes?

To do this final bedding on a QUIET ROAD in safe traffic apply the brakes and slow from 60 to 10 MPH five times in a row. Then drive slowly for a few minutes if safe to do so to allow the brakes to cool. Try to avoid coming to a rest whilst the brakes are heated.

What is EBC Green Stuff?

EBC Greenstuff is a high friction aramid fiber based pad compound designed to improve stopping power on sport sedans and prestige cars for on highway use.

Are EBC Brakes worth the money?

EBC has built a strong reputation for high performance brakes for racing and street use and I can vouch for their performance myself now. Will buy again and I recommend them to anyone who wants easy-to-install brakes that perform better than the original brakes that came with their car.

What is the average life of disc brakes?

50,000 miles
Generally, brake discs should last more than 50,000 miles on average, but a number of factors affect the lifespan. If you keep them well maintained and drive sensibly, you may be able to get up to 80,000 miles out of one set!