Are hand cannons good for PvP?

Explosive Payload is arguably the best PvP perk for a Hand Cannon, inflicting an absurd amount of flinch onto your target while extending the effective range of this Hand Cannon.

Are auto rifles good in Destiny 2 PvP?

The exotic 720 RPM auto rifle is surprisingly good in PVP. It is a Season Pass reward for those that have the pass activated. This gun is a fast-firing non-kinetic rifle with moderate recoil. It would be difficult to find a gun that is more straightforward to use in Destiny 2.

What weapons is the best for Crucible?

Best Primary Weapons

  • Eyasluna. A Destiny 1 classic is taking over the Crucible (Image credit: Future)
  • Palindrome. Palindrome is performing great currently. (
  • Dead Man’s Tale. Dead Man’s Tale is a headshot machine. (
  • BxR-55 Battler.
  • Ace of Spades.
  • Crimson.
  • Vex Mythoclast.
  • Multimach CCX/Shayura’s Wrath.

What is the best hand cannon for PvP?

Destiny 2: The 13 Best Hand Cannons For PVP, Ranked

  • 8 Fatebringer.
  • 7 The Last Word.
  • 6 Ancient Gospel.
  • 5 Thorn.
  • 4 Palindrome (Adept)
  • 3 Hawkmoon.
  • 2 Ace Of Spades.
  • 1 Eyasluna.

Is Sunshot a good hand cannon for PvP?

In PvP, Sunshot excels for both having a 150 RPM rate of fire and being able to take advantage of enemies standing close to one another, something commonly encountered even in Trials of Osiris.

What is the best auto rifle in Destiny 2 PvE?

Destiny 2: Top 10 Auto Rifles, Ranked

  • 8 Tommy’s Matchbook.
  • 7 Shadow Price.
  • 6 The Last Breath.
  • 5 Chroma Rush.
  • 4 Gnawing Hunger.
  • 3 Monte Carlo.
  • 2 SUROS Regime.
  • 1 Scathelocke.

What is the best gun in Destiny 2 for PvP?

Destiny 2 Best PVP Primary weapons

Weapon | Type Source ❘ Requirements Optimal TTK
Vex Mythoclast | Fusion Rifle Vault of Glass Raid 0.77
The Palindrome | Hand Cannon Nighfall: The Ordeals 0.87
Shayura’s Wrath | Submachine Gun Trials of Osiris 0.80
Dead Man’s Tale | Scout Rifle Exotic Quest 0.80

Which hand cannon is the best in destiny?

Eriana’s Vow
1 Eriana’s Vow With innate Anti-Barrier Rounds and a massive amount of damage per shot, Eriana’s Vow is our pick for the best PvE Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. Rounds from this weapon annihilate red bars and majors.

What is the best PvP shotgun in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: The 10 Best Shotguns For PvP

  • 8 Blasphemer.
  • 7 Riiswalker.
  • 6 Found Verdict.
  • 5 Heritage.
  • 4 Wastelander M5.
  • 3 Duality.
  • 2 Lord Of Wolves.
  • 1 The Chaperone.