Are mango cards being stopped?

Trentbarton Mango cards being phased out as bus company launches new app. Bus passengers will not be able to use mango cards in the coming months, following the launch of trentbarton’s new app for smart phones. The mango app will, in the next two months, replace the plastic mango cards which have been in use since 2008 …

How much do you save on a Mango Card?

It doesn’t matter if you use the bus every day or every now and then, student mango gives you a saving of 25% off the single cash fare for every journey you make. mango saves time, money and hassle.

How does Mango card work?

You just register, load up with cash and touch on & off every time you use the bus. We also cap the amount you pay each day to our zigzag (day ticket) price, so what you spend is limited – you’ve got no need to worry if you want to take us for all we’ve got! Register here for your MANGO and to top it up.

Can you still use mango card on Trent Barton?

You’ll still be able to use your mango on the trentbarton part of your journey. When you use NET tram you will need to have a valid NET tram-ticket or product. If you travel only within the Nottingham city boundary, then Robin Hood pay-as-you-go provides joined up journey options.

Are mango cards free?

The free app, available on Apple and Android devices, also includes an on-screen balance and online top-up function. In time, it will replace the plastic mango cards that have been in use since 2008. More than 100,000 of these cards are currently active and 678,000 have been issued during the past 12 years.

How do you use the Mango bus app?

Passengers go online to add credit to use their cards, swiping them as they get on buses to make journeys. The Mango app is an account-based ticketing app which calculates the right fare for the customer using scan on, scan off technology, via a QR code on the users’ phone.

What is a adult mango ticket?

mango for grown ups. Pick mango for 10% off adult cash singles. Our super caps mean your spending is limited, no matter how often you travel. Once you hit your cap, you can carry on travelling for free. £5.95 – day cap after 9am Mondays to Fridays and 4am weekends and Bank Holidays.

How do you use Mango bus?

How do I put money on my mango Card?

Load your Mango Card with Cash

  1. Bring your cash and Mango Card to any participating Green Dot* retailer.
  2. Hand the associate your cash and Mango Card.
  3. The associate will take your cash, swipe your Mango Card, and give you a receipt as proof of the load.

How do you add a mango card to your wallet?

How to add a travel card on your iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the Add button .
  3. Tap Travel Card to add a new travel card or tap Previous Card to add a travel card you previously added to the Wallet app.
  4. Choose a travel card from the list, or search by location or card name.
  5. Tap Continue.

Do you have to tap on and off with mango?

Mango was already a ground-breaking fare cap payment method and the app will propel mango into the future.” Customers without a smart phone or device can still pay by tapping on and tapping off with their contactless debit or credit cards, or by buying a saver pass or pay with cash.

What is the Mango app?

Mango Languages is an online language-learning app with a deal that seems too good to be true. For about $18 per month, you can have access to everything in Mango’s catalog, which includes more than 60 language programs. It’s also available for free through many public libraries.