Are Millennials more educated than other generations?

Millennials are highly educated but unfortunately, they don’t earn as much as people belonging to different generations. According to the New York Times reports, the average earnings of adults ages 18-34 between 2009 and 2013 — $33,880 — is the lowest since 1980.

Which generation is the most college educated?

Study Shows ‘Millennials’ May Be the Most Educated Generation in History.

What percentage of Millenials have a college degree?

According to the PEW Research center, some 63% of Millennials value a college education and plan to get one. Of that number, 19% have already graduated from college and the remaining 44% plan to graduate from college. Some 27% of Millennial females and 21% of Millennial males have college degrees.

Is Gen Z the most educated?

Gen Zers have higher high school graduation rates and lower dropout rates than those who came before them, and they are more likely to be in college. In 2017, 59 percent of 18- to 20-year-olds were in college, compared with 53 percent of Millennials and 44 percent of Gen Xers at similar ages.

Why are Millennials so educated?

Millennials are the most educated generation ever. This trend is likely due to higher income returns from a college education, as well as many young people choosing to wait out the recession and lack of jobs by staying in or returning to school.

What generation is the smartest?

Gen Z
Gen Z is also the smartest and best educated generation. Having an unlimited wealth of information at our disposal has not gone to waste. In America, 57 percent of Gen Z is reported to have enrolled in a two-year or four-year college, compared to 52 percent of Millenials and 43 percent of Gen X.

Which generation is the most successful?

Baby Boomers
Overall Power, By Generation Baby Boomers lead the pack when it comes to overall generational power, capturing 38.6%.

Is Gen Z less educated?

Generation Z students are on track to become the most educated generation. They have higher high school graduation rates and lower dropout rates than those who came before. In 2018, 57% of 18 to 21-year olds were in college, compared with 52% of Millennials, and 43% of Gen Xers at similar ages.

What do Gen Z think of Millennials?

Gen Z sees millennials as a generation too willing to define ourselves by our interests and identities. That comes through in a loyalty to brands, or ’90s nostalgia, or political figures, rather than movements, philosophies, or ideals.

What are the weaknesses of Millennials?


  • Due to their independent nature, Millenials are not as interested in teamwork as other generations.
  • Millennials do not have as strong a work ethic, with an average of 38.8 hours spent at work a week compared to previous generations who both average above 40 hours8

What was the toughest generation?

Gen X is the ‘most stressed’ generation alive but they’re also the best at handling it. Generation X, people born between 1965 and 1979, are America’s goofy middle children sandwiched between the much larger Baby Boomer and Millennial generations.