Are Piscataway schools open?

Piscataway schools reopening plan: Rotating, full days of in-person instruction. PISCATAWAY – The district’s back-to-school plan calls for a hybrid model, with in-person learning every other day, as well as a 100% remote option, Superintendent of Schools Frank Ranelli said.

Does Piscataway have good schools?

Piscataway Township High School 2021 Rankings Piscataway Township High School is ranked #2,729 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

How many schools are in Piscataway?


Piscataway Township Schools
Schools 10
Students and staff
Enrollment 7,161 (as of 2018–19)

What county is Piscataway NJ in?

Middlesex CountyPiscataway / CountyMiddlesex County is located in central New Jersey, United States, extending inland from the Raritan Valley region to the northern portion of the Jersey Shore. As of the 2020 United States Census, the county’s population was enumerated at 863,162, making Middlesex the state’s third-most populous county. Wikipedia

What school is in Piscataway NJ?

Best Public Schools in Piscataway, NJ

  • Knollwood Elementary School. Piscataway Township School District.
  • Randolphville Elementary School. Piscataway Township School District.
  • Grandview Elementary School.
  • Conackamack Middle School.
  • Theodore Schor Middle School.
  • Piscataway Township High School.
  • Dwight D.
  • Quibbletown Middle School.

What is the zip code for Piscataway NJ?

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What is Piscataway NJ ZIP code?

What is Piscataway NJ known for?

Piscataway has advanced educational and research facilities due to the presence of Rutgers University, whose main campus spills into the township. SHI Stadium, home field for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team, is in Piscataway. Part of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is located in Piscataway as well.

Is Piscataway NJ A good place to live?

PISCATAWAY – The township has been named in Money Magazine’s Top 100 list of places to live in the United States. Piscataway ranked 68th of the magazine’s 2019 Best Places to Live in American, coming in just behind Moore, Oklahoma and ahead of Flagstaff, Arizona.

What is the area code for Piscataway NJ?

Area code 732
Area code 908
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What is East Brunswick NJ ZIP code?

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