Are Rose and Dave twins?

Rose and Dave are biologically brother and sister though they have only met online, as are John and Jade.

Are Kanaya and Vriska Moirails?

This implies she did not want to act as a moirail to Rose the way she did with Vriska. confirms that they are in a relationship in the new timeline, which seemed to have gone better than in the old timeline. During the credits, they are confirmed to be married and very happy together.

What is a Horrorterror?

Horrorterrors, also referred to as the outer gods, are mysterious eldritch creatures that reside in the Furthest Ring. They are enormous and extremely powerful, but their motives and agenda are unknown.

What Classpect is Kanaya?

Her classpect is Rogue of Heart. Kanaya is a jade-blood.

Who is Jade’s patron troll?

Thus Jade’s patron troll is Karkat.