Are tritium gun sights radioactive?

Tritium (3H) used in night sights, and in glow-in-the-dark watches and exit signs, is a radioactive material that only emits a very weak beta particle.

Are Trijicon sights radioactive?

Because the tritium night sights are in contained sights, there is no risk for radiation exposure.

Should I get tritium sights?

It is true that tritium sights serve little purpose when being used with white light, at least with most light techniques. However, there is a particular situation that night sights address that a flash light will not: when the target is already illuminated and you and your gun are still in the dark.

What are tritium night sights made of?

tritium gas
Self-illuminated night sights are made from tiny capsules containing tritium gas, which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Then the capsule is coated with a phosphorous material, which reacts with the radioactive electrons being given off by the tritium.

Are fiber optic sights better than tritium?

When it comes to price, optical fiber has tritium soundly beat. Fiber optic sights regularly go for about half of the glow-in-the-dark alternative. If the dollar is your sole consideration, fiber optic is the way to go.

Can tritium sights leak?

The amount of tritium used in in wrist watches and handgun sights falls well below the amount considered to be harmful. If a tritium vial ever breaks or leaks (which is rare), there is no required clean-up or precautionary handling procedure.

Are all night sights tritium?

Most (though again, not all) night sights are mad with Tritium, which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

Are tritium watches safe to wear?

But because tritium is mildly radioactive, and feared by some to be a health hazard, tritium paint is no longer used on dials. (The consensus among scientists is that, despite consumers’ apprehensions, tritium paint on watch dials presents no danger.)

Is tritium cancerous?

Tritium does not have chemically toxic effects and its potential to be hazardous to human health is solely because it emits ionizing radiation (the beta particle). This radiation exposure may very slightly increase the probability that a person will develop cancer during his or her lifetime.

Are fiber optic sights good?

Fiber optics are bright and the eye easily picks them up. Accuracy is enhanced, especially when speed is involved. The brighter fiber optic is much easier to quickly get on target. While fast shooting is one advantage, fiber optics are well-suited to accurate fire at longer ranges.