Can a service be an item?

A service item can consist of several components, which can be replaced with spare parts when the item is serviced.

What is Item Group in Ax?

Item groups are used to manage inventory by dividing inventory items into groups. Transactions for items that use the standard posting profile are posted to inventory issue and receipt accounts that are set up in the Posting form. (Click Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Posting.

What is Item Model group in AX 2012?

Item model groups (form) [AX 2012] Click Inventory management > Setup > Inventory > Item model groups. Use this form to create and maintain item model groups. These groups contain settings that determine how items are controlled and handled on item receipts and issues.

What is catch weight item in AX 2012?

The catch weight (CW) unit is the unit in which the inventory transactions are done. For example, we sell our products in buckets (CW unit) but they are weghted and invoiced in kg’s (here the inventory unit).

What is service item?

In Business Central, the term “service item” refers to equipment or items that require service. When you create a service order, you specify the items that need service. In the order, you can link a service item to an item in inventory or a service item group.

What is service item in accounting?

A service item is a simple way to store your account ledger and tax code — if you have one — for your individual services.

What is the difference between item model group and item group?

Hi Praeep, They can both be used to ‘Group’ your items, but when determining the groups to use you should also consider the functionality related to each of them. Item groups are used to control the ledger accounts that are used at different times during day-to-day operations.

What are item groups?

An item group is a collection of products which share similar attributes like color, production, features, or usage. Item groups can also be formed based on the markets in which they’re sold or if they’re similar in price.

What is item setup?

You must set certain controls and reference options before defining items. These enable you to maintain, group, reference, query, and delete your items. Once you have defined items, you can set up other parameters, such as item cross references, to control the use of items.

What is Item Group and Item Model group in d365?

Item model groups are created to control how items are managed in inventory regarding receipts, issues, consumes, reservations, etc. Item model groups can be set up to control how all stocked items of a certain type are handled and similarly how all non-stocked items of a certain type are handled.

What is catch weight d365?

The catch weight unit is the unit in which the inventory transactions are performed, such as sold, received, transferred, picked, and shipped.

What are catch weight items?

Catch Weighting is a food industry term that means “approximate weight.” For food products that naturally vary in size, such as blocks of cheese or cuts of meat, items are typically sold by a unit such as block or case, but priced by the pound.