Can dogs go on the beach at Winterton?

Winterton beach is a perfect traditional family friendly beach, all about sand and sea, not about amusements and arcades. It’s also a great dog walking beach with no restrictions, you mustn’t forget the pets!

Can you take dogs to Horsey beach?

Horsey Beach is a great place to take your well behaved and leashed dog (s). There are waste bins at the car park for bagged ‘items’ and the dogs all seem to enjoy being in close proximity to the seals.

Can you take dogs to Horsey Gap?

Whilst dogs are allowed it is best not to bring them on the beach during the winter as they will disturb the seals.

Are the seal pups still at Horsey?

The seals at Horsey usually start to have their pups in late October/early November and carry on until early February so there’s a big window of opportunity for you to visit.

Can you swim at Winterton-on-Sea?

Take in the spectacle at Winterton on Sea Beach. This is a sandy beach with plenty to keep your mini merpeople busy. Water babies can paddle in the shallows or have a properly splashy swim in the sea. It’s also a great spot for surfing so if you don’t mind getting wet, have a go at hanging ten!

Are there seals on Winterton beach?

The grey seal rookery centred at Horsey has expanded this year more than ever onto the beach and dunes at Winterton. Females with pups, and bulls can be found on the beach and in the dunes as you from Winterton towards Somerton and Horsey.

Is Blakeney beach dog friendly?

Walking your dog on Blakeney Point & Cley Beach Dogs can be walked on the shingle beach at Cley and Salthouse throughout the year, but ground-nesting birds are often present between April and August. Please keep your dog under close control and walk as near to the sea as possible during this important time.

Are there seals at Winterton?

The Atlantic Grey seal colony at Horsey and Winterton is one of Britain’s great wildlife spectacles. The flat beaches, shallow waters and high dunes offer seals an ideal location for giving birth.

How much is parking at Horsey Gap?

How to get here. Horsey Windpump Car Park, Horsey, Norfolk. NR29 4EE. Parking is free for National Trust members, £2 for two hours or £4 all day.

When can you see seals at Horsey Gap?

So the months of December to February is the best time to see these mammals in their natural environment. The quiet beach of Horsey Gap, not far from Great Yarmouth, is an area where the seals return every year to give birth and this place has become very popular with visitors who enjoy observing these sea mammals.

Is Winterton beach nice?

Winterton-on-Sea near Great Yarmouth has mile upon mile of pale, sandy beach stretching into the distance. Overlooked by the graceful white blades of the Bloodhills Wind Farm to one side and low sand dunes to the other, this is a great beach where you can escape from it all, with not an amusement arcade in sight.

Are there seals at Winterton beach?

The Norfolk coast in the East of England is home to large colonies of grey seals at Blakeney Point, Horsey and Winterton-on-Sea. Male grey seals (bulls) can grow up to three metres long and can weigh over 300 kg. Females (cows) are smaller, and around half the weight of bulls.