Can I change Roomba home base?

You can move a Roomba base. Your Roomba base location is mapped into the robot to ensure it finds its way back and recharges itself to continue cleaning or retire after cleaning, but nothing says your Roomba can’t find its way back to this base even after it has been moved.

Does Roomba support HomeKit?

The short answer is no. HomeKit does not natively support Roombas. Even though Apple does provide a way for manufacturers to make their devices supported by HomeKit, this process is highly cumbersome. First, you need to apply for an MFi license from Apple.

Can I use Roomba without home base?

If the Home Base is inaccessible, Roomba will not be able to recharge. It will return to its starting location and the cleaning cycle will end. cycle before charging the battery fully, Roomba may return to the Home Base to recharge sooner than it will during future cleaning cycles.

How does Roomba find home base?

Virtual walls send out infrared signals that Roomba picks up with the receiver on its bumper. When it picks up a signal from a virtual wall, it knows to turn around and head the other way. Roomba’s sensors allow it navigate your home with relative autonomy.

Can you move a Roomba from floor to floor?

A. Yes! The Roomba® i7 can remember up to 10 unique floor plans, so you can carry the robot to a different floor or a different home. As long at the robot has mapped the space, it will recognize its location and clean as directed.

Can I use Siri with iRobot?

iRobot has augmented its Roomba vacuums with Apple Siri voice commands as part of the new iRobot Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence software. Roomba already featured Alexa and Google Assistant connections and voice control, but the platform widens the options to encompass a Siri Shortcut integration native to the Roomba app.

Can I use Siri with Roomba?

iRobot’s latest software update gives its Roomba robot vacuums and Braava jet robot mops the ability to respond to Siri voice commands. The Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence update adds Siri Shortcut Integration to the iRobot Home app, allowing iOS users to connect their devices to Apple’s voice assistant.

Can you dock a Roomba under furniture?

At least >1.5 ft (0.5 m>) on each side of the Home Base®. At least >4 ft (1.2 m>) in front of the Home Base®, with no furniture such as tables or chairs within this area. At least >4 ft (1.2 m>) between the Home Base® and any stairs.

Why cant my Roomba find home base?

If the Dock button is pressed while Roomba is paused mid-mission, Roomba will return to the Home Base. If Roomba is picked up and moved before pressing Dock, it will not be able to find the Home Base unless it is placed facing the Home Base within 6 ft ( 2 m ) of the Home Base.

How do I tell my Roomba to go home?

Press the dock button on your Roomba. Look for the “Home” button along the top of your device—this is a small, circular button to the left of the larger “Clean” button. Press this button once to send your Roomba back to its Home Base.

How do I add another floor to my Roomba?

To create a map for a new floor plan of your home, place the Roomba somewhere on that floor and send it on a job to clean everywhere. You can press the Clean button on the robot vacuum or start the job from the iRobot app.