Can I compare 2 files in Notepad++?

Open any two files (A, B) in Notepad++, which you want to compare. File B (new) gets compared to File A (old). Then, navigate to Plugins > Compare Menu > Compare. It shows the difference/comparison side by side, as shown in the screenshot.

How do I enable compare in Notepad++?

How to Install Notepad++ Compare plugin

  1. Start your Notepad++ as administrator mode.
  2. Unzip Compare-plugin in temporary folder.
  3. Import plugin from the temporary folder.
  4. The plugin should appear under Plugins menu.

How do I compare two files in sublime?

You can actually compare files natively right in Sublime Text.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing them through Open Folder… or in a project.
  2. Select the two files (ie, by holding Ctrl on Windows or ⌘ on macOS) you want to compare in the sidebar.
  3. Right click and select the Diff files… option.

How do I add a compare plugin in Notepad++ 64 bit?

Installation Steps,

  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Navigate to Plugins-> Plugin Manager-> Show Plugin Manager.
  3. Search Compare Plugin in Available Tab.
  4. Select and click to install Compare Plugin.
  5. Restart Notepad++

Where can I download Notepad++ compare plugin?

Download Notepad++ Compare plugin from

How do I compare two files in VS code?

Compare two files

  1. Drag and drop the two files into Visual Studio Code.
  2. Select both files and select Select for Compare from the context menu.
  3. Then you see the diff.
  4. With Alt + F5 you can jump to the next diff.

How can I find the difference between two files?

Comparing files (diff command)

  1. To compare two files, type the following: diff chap1.bak chap1. This displays the differences between the chap1.
  2. To compare two files while ignoring differences in the amount of white space, type the following: diff -w prog.c.bak prog.c.