Can I load Cignal at 711?

Go to the nearest / most convenient 7-ELEVEN branch. Present Cignal SOA or accomplished Payment Slip to the cashier together with the payment. Payment can be processed with or without a copy of the Statement of Account (SOA).

Can I add load to Cignal prepaid?

Loading Through Cignal Web Loading Tool For easy loading, use our Web Loading Tool to credit your purchased load to your Prepaid account. 1. Input your Prepaid Account Number on the first box. 2.

How can I pay Cignal through Bayad Center?

1Pay Bayad Center

  1. Select Bills Payment on the ‘choose service’ screen.
  2. Select Biller: CIGNAL.
  3. Enter the account details then click NEXT.
  4. Insert the bills in the machine, one at a time.
  5. Review the details of the transaction.
  6. Once paper bills were inserted, wait for the red light to turn yellow and press ‘PAY’.

How do I load a SatLite with 7 11?

You can now buy load from select 7-Eleven branches*.

  1. Download and use the Cliqq app.
  2. Select Buy Load and Choose Cignal.
  3. Select your prefeerred Cignal or SatLite load amount.
  4. Input your mobile number and click submit.
  5. Present the barcode generated from Cliqq app to the 7-Eleven cashier and pay the amount.

How do I install cignal on 711?

How can I pay cignal?

  1. Cignal Online Bills Payment.
  2. ATM.
  8. OTHER.

How can I buy cignal with GCash?

Quick Summary on How to Load Cignal TV Using GCash

  1. Open the GCash app and tap “Buy Load.”
  2. Enter the mobile number to receive the Cignal e-PIN.
  3. Select the “PAYTV” tab.
  4. Choose the load denomination that you want to buy.
  5. Review your payment details and press “Pay.”

How install add in Cignal?

Here’s how you can avail of your favorite channel add-ons!

  1. Register or log in to the Cignal Account Portal at
  2. Click on Add ons.
  3. Choose the Channel Add On you want to avail by clicking on SUBSCRIBE.
  4. Register or log in to the Cignal Account Portal at
  5. Click on Add ons.

What are the available load for Cignal?

Can I load any denomination? For Basic SD (Standard Definition MPEG-2) digital boxes, subscribers can load 100, 175, 200, 300, and 450. For Premium SD (Standard Definition MPEG-4) boxes, subscribers can load 100, 175, 200, 300, 450, 500, 600, 800 and 1000.

Can I buy Cignal load online?

Cignal Reload The Cignal Web Loading Tool is a self-service online loading facility that will credit purchased load to the enrolled Prepaid account.

Can I load my Cignal postpaid?

Postpaid accounts must be in good credit standing. Purchase of Pay-Per-View via our accredited banks is not allowed. For Prepaid subscribers, load at the nearest Cignal and Smart load retailers in your area.

Can I load Cignal prepaid using BDO online?

Choose the source BDO account. Enter your Cignal Account Number (click here to know your account number). Enter the Amount to be paid. Click Submit button for the system to process the payment.