Can I use a square pan for pie?

The simple way to do that, Pashman points out, is to change the baking vessel for the pie. Keeping all other ingredients constant, you can substitute a square baking dish for a traditional pie pan, thus maximizing the dessert’s corner-making capability.

Can I bake a square pie?

Pashman says that the square fulfills pie parameters — with bottom, side crust and filling — and, to be fair to him, my crust did bake beautifully. And I agree that you do get this fantastic wall of crisp dough, as long as you bake your crust long enough.

What is a rectangle pie called?

Tart. This style of pie can be round, square, or rectangle; baked in a tart pan or sheet pan; and be sweet or savory.

Can I use a rectangle pan for pie?

Let’s do some simple math: The general rule is to double the amount of crust you’d need for a 9-inch round standard-size pie to fill a 15x10x1-inch slab pie. Roll to 17×12-inch rectangle (or 18×12-inch, if you have a slightly deeper sheet pan or want a little more wiggle room for fluting the edges).

What is a 9 inch pie pan equivalent to?

A 9-inch round cake pan is 63.5 square inches/holds 8 cups of batter. A 10-inch round cake pan is 78.5 square inches/holds 10-11 cups of batter. Without any adaptions, your 10-inch cake layers will be very thin.

What is a pie without a top crust called?

A tart consists of a shallow, straight-sided pastry that is filled before or after baking and has no top crust. Typically, tarts are formed in tart pans (many with the characteristic scalloped edge), but they may also be shaped directly on a baking sheet, often with the help of a frame or ring.

What can I use instead of a 9 inch square baking pan?

A recipe calling for a 9” square pan can be baked in an 8” x 12” oval casserole as is; or can be increased by 50% and baked in a 9” x 13” pan. A standard butter or oil cake recipe (about 6 cups of batter) can be baked in a 10-cup or larger Bundt pan.