Can ire be a verb?

ire used as a verb: To anger; to fret; to irritate.

What tense is ire?

Ir conjugation: basic forms

Subject Present Future
yo voy iré
vas irás
él, ella, Usted va irá
nosotros vamos iremos

What is an ire in English?

: intense and usually openly displayed anger. Ire. abbreviation.

What is the etymology of ire?

1300, from Old French ire “anger, wrath, violence” (11c.), from Latin ira “anger, wrath, rage, passion,” from PIE root *eis- (1), forming various words denoting passion (source also of Greek hieros “filled with the divine, holy,” oistros “gadfly,” originally “thing causing madness;” Sanskrit esati “drives on,” yasati ” …

How do you use the word ire?

Ire in a Sentence 🔉

  1. If my neighbor continues to let his dog poop in my front yard, he is going to feel the full force of my ire when I toss the canine waste on his porch.
  2. When the celebrity wore the fur coat on the red carpet, she drew the ire of many animal rights activists.

What words have ire in them?

Words That Contain IRE

  • cire.
  • dire.
  • fire.
  • hire.
  • ired.
  • ires.
  • lire.
  • mire.

Is ire a prefix?

The key to the meaning of “irascible” isn’t the negative prefix “ir-” (which is used before words that begin with “r”), but the Latin noun “ira,” meaning “anger.” From “ira,” which is also the root of “irate” and “ire,” came the Latin verb “irasci” (“to become angry”), which led to French “irascible.” English speakers …

What does draw the ire mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishire /aɪə $ aɪr/ noun [uncountable] written angerraise/arouse/draw somebody’s ire (=make someone angry) The proposal has drawn the ire of local residents.

What word ends with ire?

Words That End With IRE

  • cire.
  • dire.
  • fire.
  • hire.
  • lire.
  • mire.
  • sire.
  • tire.