Can military service cause hypothyroidism?

Veterans and Thyroid Problems Military service often exposes service members to a wide range of chemicals and other hazardous materials, which can trigger hyper- or hypothyroidism. Additionally, military service may cause separate conditions which can cause complications or further aggravate a thyroid condition.

Do veterans get free prosthetics?

Do you have a medical condition that requires the use of medical equipment like a walker, cane, hearing aids or catheter? Veterans receiving VA care for any condition can get free VA prosthetic appliances, equipment and services, such as: Artificial limbs.

What is VA rating for hypothyroidism?

A 30 percent disability rating is warranted for hypothyroidism with fatigability, constipation, and mental sluggishness. A 60 percent disability rating is warranted for hypothyroidism with muscular weakness, mental disturbance, and weight gain.

Can the VA take away my sleep apnea rating?

Can the VA Take Away My Sleep Apnea Rating? Since the condition is not considered a permanent VA disability, you can have your rating taken away by the VA. If the condition resolves over time, and you are reevaluated to not have sleep apnea any more, you will no longer be able to claim that rating for compensation.

Is hypothyroidism a VA presumptive?

IS HYPOTHYROIDISM A VA PRESUMPTIVE? Hypothyroidism is a presumptive condition for veterans who had Agent Orange exposure. The VA’s regulations for presumptive health conditions are always changing. If your thyroid disorder claim was denied in the past, you could now be eligible.

Is hypothyroidism a disability?

There are a variety of thyroid gland disorders than can negatively impact your life, two of which are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid gland disorder, you may qualify for social security disability benefits if your condition is severe enough.

Will the VA pay for gym equipment?

Chris Coffland, Catch A Lift Fund (CAL) enables post 9/11 combat wounded Veterans to regain and maintain their physical and mental health by providing granted gym memberships, fitness programs or in-home gym equipment, anywhere in the United States. In addition, CAL’s M.A.P.S.

Will the VA pay for shoes?

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) provides medically prescribed prosthetic and sensory aids to eligible Veterans. These aids include artificial limbs, hearing aids, communication aids, eyeglasses, orthopedic braces and shoes, wheelchairs, crutches and canes.

What is the VA disability rating for Hashimoto’s disease?

The Veteran is currently in receipt of a 30 percent rating for Hashimoto’s disease, rated under Diagnostic Code 7903. A higher 60 percent rating is assigned under Diagnostic Code for hypothyroidism with evidence of muscular weakness, mental disturbance, and weight gain. 38 C.F.R. ยง 4.119.

Can you get VA disability for thyroid problems?

You may be eligible to receive disability payments from the VA if your thyroid disorder has been formally diagnosed, is service-connected, and meets the diagnostic code criteria.