Can you get a manual Ferrari 458?

Save The Manuals: Ferrari fans know the 458 never offered a manual – it was the first mid-engined Ferrari to completely drop the iconic gated shifter in favor of a paddle-shift dual-clutch affair.

Will Ferrari ever make a manual transmission again?

Not properly, no. They do not still take orders for their mainline vehicles with a manual transmission so normal factory cars are not going to have it unless you buy used.

Is Ferrari 458 manual or automatic?

Transmission. The only transmission available on the 458 is a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox by Getrag, in a different state of tune shared with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. There is no traditional manual option, making this the first mainstream model to not be offered with a manual transmission.

Can you buy a manual Ferrari?

If you fancy rocking up to your local Ferrari dealer and buying a brand new Prancing Horse with a stick shifter, you won’t have much luck. Yep, there’s not a single manual gearbox in the entire current range.

What was the last Ferrari with a manual transmission?

1 2012 Ferrari California The first-generation Ferrari California sold between 2009 and 2014 was the first Ferrari fitted with a dual-clutch transmission and the final one to feature a manual transmission. The car brought 65 years of the Ferrari sleek gated shifter to its ultimate end.

Why did Ferrari stop making manuals?

Final Manual Ferrari: 2010-2012 Ferrari California The hard-top convertible launched with only the dual-clutch in 2009, adding the six-speed manual transmission in 2010 and subsequently dropping it from the order form after the 2012 model year due to a lack of demand. How little demand?

What was the last year Ferrari with a manual transmission?

Did the Ferrari 599 come with a manual transmission?

599 GTB Fiorano was the last V12-engined Ferrari to be equipped with manual transmission.