Can you save slackjaw without killing Granny Rags?

Nope. IIRC you have to destroy the cameo, and then choke her out afterward/sleep dart her. Just ignore her from the beginning of the game and you wont even have to bother with her in the sewers.

How do you deal with Granny Rags non-lethal ghost?

Just put the cameo in the furnace and burn it. Granny will appear in the room but, if you recall, she’s blind and won’t see you there. Then, just crouch (because she IS able to hear) and walk past her and hide around the corner to your left (as you pass by her).

What happens if you help Granny Rags Cook slackjaw?

What’s the point in helping Granny Rags over Slackjaw? Seriously, she just gives you a rune that you can get anyways, and slackjaw gives you tons of money. You can get more bone charms from granny so you can buy more power upgrades.

What happens if I knock out Granny Rags?

In order for Granny Rags to be killed or rendered unconscious, her cameo must be destroyed. Despite her powers, Granny Rags is classified as a civilian, and killing her will count as a civilian kill against Corvo’s chaos. Such is even the case when she still has her cameo, and each time she is “killed” will count.

Can you non lethal Tallboys?

The only opportunity to take a tallboy down non-lethally is with the special arc pylon during the mission The Loyalists – those attempting a “clean run” are advised to avoid them altogether.

Can you sleep dart Granny Rags?

For Granny Rags, you will have to Sleep Dart her after the cameo is destroyed (the furnace exploding) for her body to be counted as an “unconscious” body.

Where is slackjaw dishonored?

Slackjaw is the crime boss of the Bottle Street Gang, a powerful criminal faction in Dunwall.

Can you possess Tall Boys?

If you possess a tallboy, you can walk it into water, where it will die. You can also possess, then de-possess it, placing you directly under it. Blink up to the level of the guy and do a one hit kill.