Can you swim at Canal Rocks Yallingup?

In between Smiths Beach and Canal Rocks, the Aquarium is a small lagoon protected by large granite outcrops. While Smiths Beach is famous for its surf breaks, the Aquarium’s calm, crystal-clear waters makes it a favourite for snorkellers and swimmers.

How was Canal Rocks formed?

Walk over the canal rocks Canal Rocks is a unique geological formation on the coast near Yallingup. It is comprised of granite gneiss rocks which have been weathered over time by the crashing waves to form a canal shape.

Has the Canal Rocks Bridge been fixed?

Sand at Yallingup Beach, 260 kilometres south of Perth, has completely washed away. Two staircases to access the beach have also been destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. Canal Rocks pedestrian bridge is closed after high tides destroyed the structure, which was only just repaired following last year’s storm events.

Can you fish at Canal Rocks?

The area around Canal Rocks is a general use zone where fishing is permitted – for more information visit the Fisheries website. Learn more about staying safe while fishing.

How do you get to the aquarium in Yallingup?

The Aquarium, Yallingup It is best accessed by the car park slightly north of Canal Rocks and it’s a few hundred metres walk from there. The trail down to The Aquarium is laden with tree roots, sand and rocks, so not it’s universally accessible, unfortunately.

Is Canal Rocks dog friendly?

No dogs allowed at Canal Rocks. This is in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park.

How do I get to Yallingup aquarium?

Can you take dogs to Canal Rocks?

No dogs allowed at Canal Rocks. This is in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. over a year ago. over a year ago.

Where do you park for the aquarium in Yallingup?

Get There: Park at the lookout off Canal Rocks Road, Yallingup, and walk down. So once upon a time, this place was only known by a select few (as all cool places once were); these days you’ll often have to share the pristine waters with couple other fedora sporters.

Is Bunker Bay a dog beach?

The Bunker Bay area where dogs are allowed, whilst not of any great distance, is never-the-less a welcome little stretch of beach adjoining the forest. For anyone visiting the area with their four legged friend, this place is definitely worth putting on your list.

Can you take dogs to Meelup beach?

Unfortunately – as sad as it is – pets aren’t allowed on Meelup Beach or Castle Bay Beach.