Can you swim in the Conodoguinet Creek?

“On the Conodoguinet, the only place deep enough to fish and swim when the creek runs low is at Salmon Road just in front of Armitage Golf Course.”

What Creek runs through Carlisle PA?

Conodoguinet Creek
The Conodoguinet Creek is approximately 90 miles long and weaves through agricultural lands, villages and small towns. You can enjoy a leisurely float, fishing, bird watching, and even turtle hunting (view our turtle hunting video) on this Class 1 stream. The trail begins near Carlisle at North Middleton Park.

Where is the Conodoguinet Creek located?

The Conodoguinet Creek originates in Horse Valley, Franklin County, next to Kittatinny Mountain at an elevation of 1,680 feet. From there, the Conodoguinet flows through the fer- tile Cumberland Valley and joins the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg.

How do you pronounce conodoguinet?

Conodoguinet Creek – Siebert Park Run How do you pronounce the creek’s name? Here’s our best breakdown: (KAHN-uh-doh-GWINN-it).

How do you say conodoguinet?

Conodoguinet Creek On the West Shore (pronounced Con-a-duh-win-it) The name has local lore or meaning “can I go in it?” but it’s actually Native American for “a long way with many bends.”

How deep is Yellow Breeches Creek?

4-5 feet
The creek in this portion varies in depth from deep enough to swim (4-5 feet) to shallow spots that tubers will need to walk around.

Can you swim in Yellow Breeches Creek?

This easily accessible swimming spot on Yellow Breeches Creek has something for everyone. Spend the morning splashing in water that’s ankle- to knee-deep, searching for small fish and critters, then have a picnic lunch at one of the tables just up the shore.

Where can I fish Yellow Breeches Creek?

Allenberry Resort
The Yellow Breeches Creek is famous for stocked brown trout. Many anglers prefer to fish at Allenberry Resort, where there is ample parking on the opposite side of the creek, easily accessible waters and the beautiful backdrop of the Allenberry grounds.