Can you use an orbital sander on floors?

The orbital sanding system can only be used to sand soft wood floors which are in need of a light refreshing. Most floor sanding companies use orbital floor sanding machines for fine sanding. After finishing with 100 grit belts, they use the orbital floor sander with 120, 150 and 180 grit sandpaper.

Can you sand floors with orbital sander?

Random orbital sanders are the best choice for do-it-yourself hardwood floor refinishing. They take longer to remove old finishes than drum sanders, but they do not require a lot of experience to use and are less likely to damage your wood floor.

How long does it take to sand a floor with an orbital sander?

How long does it take to sand a floor with an orbital sander? Unless your floor is in flat and in very good condition, an orbital sander is going to increase your refinishing time but 2-3 times. Let’s say 2-4 days per room as opposed to 1-2 days with a full sanding kit. For handheld orbitals, double that again.

What is the easiest floor sander to use?

Unless you plan to sand many floors in your lifetime, your best choice of floor sander is the random orbital sander from one maker in particular. Unless you plan to sand many floors in your lifetime, the best choice for do-it-yourself floor refinishing is the random orbital sander.

What kind of sander do I use to sand hardwood floors?

The drum sander is the real workhorse of hardwood floor sanding. It is a massive piece of equipment, too heavy for most people to lift—two people are required to carry it.

Can I use a hand sander to sand a floor?

The palm sander is definitely the most common tool for sanding a wooden floor by hand. Palm sanders also oscillate, however, unlike orbital random sanders, the pad of the palm sander is fixed straight.

What is the difference between an orbital sander and a drum sander?

What’s the difference between a drum sander and an orbital sander? The best explanation goes something like this: “A drum sander is like a chainsaw; an orbital sander is like a hedge trimmer. They both cut wood, but at much different rates.”

How many sanding sheets do you need to sand a floor?

How long does it take to sand a floor? It’s hard to say without knowing the size and condition of your flooring. But with the right tools (like a drum sander and edger), you should do three sanding passes in an average-sized living room or bedroom in a day.

Will an orbital sander remove polyurethane?

The primary purpose of an orbital sander is to create ultra-smooth surfaces on wood, plastic and metal. However orbital sanders can also be used to remove paint, polyurethane and stain, as well as prep objects for painting.

What kind of sander is best for hardwood floors?

Do I need orbital or drum sander?

“If your floor is in rough shape, cupped or damaged, or has a very heavy finish, a drum sander is what you need,” he adds. “An orbital won’t relevel your floor.” Wood floors in really bad shape?