Can you use bounce house indoors?

A bounce house can be set up and used indoors if the ceiling is high enough and the room is big enough to fit the bounce house and sandbag anchors. Many smaller personal use bounce houses will easily fit in a playroom, but the larger commercial bounce houses will only fit in a large gym or auditorium.

What is a moonwalk for parties?

A moonwalk is an inflatable trampoline structure, usually with enclosed walls for safety, and they are very popular at birthday parties, fairs, picnics, and festivals. It allows kids to jump, or walk around inside a big, puffy, soft surface. Renting a moonwalk will make the event better for the party planner as well.

What is a moon bouncer?

The word moon bounce is used to describe the experience. Early amusement rides that were at the traveling carnivals coined this terminology as a marketing piece. With the excitement of the space missions going on in the USA, you to could experience what it was like to bounce on the moon.

Can I put a bounce house on concrete?

A: A bounce house can be set up in many different places on your property. The surface must be mostly flat and relatively firm – grass, concrete, and asphalt are all acceptable.

Do you need a tarp under a bounce house?

While we very strongly recommend using tarps with your bounce house, you can technically set up without one. If you opt to not use a tarp, you’ll need to put extra care into ensuring the area where you’re setting up is completely free of debris that might cause damage and leave you patching the bounce house later.

Is it a bounce house or a jumper?

On the West Coast, they are usually called Bounce Houses but not always. Sometimes they get called Bouncers, Jumpers, Moonwalks or just simply Jumps. What’s great about being part of the largest moon bounce (or bounce house;-)) rental company in America is that Astro Jump is national.

What’s another name for bounce house?

What is another word for bounce house?

bouncing castle bouncy castle
bouncy house closed inflatable trampoline
inflatable castle jumper
jumpy castle moon bounce

Can a dog poop a bounce house?

A: Yes. You will need to clear all debris from the setup area and the path to it. This includes any sharp objects, toys, lawn furniture, sticks, large and/or sharp rocks, hoses, sprinklers, lawn decorations and pet feces.

How are bounce houses powered?

Bounce houses require electricity to use. The blower needs electricity to pump air into the unit to keep it inflated for the duration of the bounce house use. The exception is smaller bounce houses that are inflated once and sealed. These are typically smaller indoor units designed for small children.