Can you use high-temp grease on wheel bearings?

High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease is particularly suitable for use in wheel bearings of vehicles fitted with disc brakes, as well as drum brakes, boat trailer wheel bearings and other marine applications.

What is high temperature bearing grease?

WD-40 Specialist® High-Temp Grease is a lithium-based grease built to perform in high temperatures and high-friction mechanical loads. It was engineered to meet the demands of protecting high-speed bearings in applications involving high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads.

Which grease is best for bearings?

Oil. Oil is the ideal method of lubrication for rolling element bearings.

What type of grease is wheel bearing grease?

Most wheel bearings require an NLGI 2 grade grease, while some sealed hub units require an NLGI 00 grade semi-fluid product. For those cases, the NLGI GC-LB or SAE J2695 consistency requirements do not apply. Each type is unique to the bearing design, and should not be used in the other type of bearing.

Can I use any grease for wheel bearings?

For high-temperature components, such as wheel bearings, a high-temperature silicone-based grease is required. These greases are designed to hold stable under high temps and against the elements commonly seen in wheel bearings.

Where do you use high temp grease?

Very high temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of elements such as: Oven fan bearings. Bearings for pre-heater rollers. Conveyors, industrial painting lines.

What is high temperature grease used for?

High temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of elements such as: roller bearings operating under severe conditions. rolling mill bearings. oven fan bearings.

Is White lithium grease good for bearings?

Did you know a spray of WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease is a great lithium lubricant for bearings? It reduces friction on bearings and helps keep them protected from rust as well. Simply apply by spraying directly onto the area.

What type of lubricant is used on bearing?

A lithium-based grease, whose base oil is mineral oil, is commonly used as a lubricant for rolling bearings, as it is compatible with the working surface of the bearing.

What is the difference between wheel bearing grease and regular grease?

Types of Wheel Bearing Grease Calcium-based grease has high water resistance but only moderate heat resistance. Lithium-based grease is water resistant and has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures. Lastly, white lithium grease is a multipurpose grease that resists corrosion and repels water.

What does different color grease mean?

The Effect of Color on Lubricating Grease To be more specific on colors, white greases are indicative of greases for food machinery, while black greases are moly/graphite greases for severe operating conditions.