Do they still make T12 light fixtures?

High-output and high-CRI T12s are still manufactured today, but production is down. Second, magnetic ballasts – which conventional T12s require to run – are no longer manufactured in the U.S.

What is HO fluorescent?

“HO” stands for high output. T5 HO lamps deliver more light than standard T5 lamps and are available in higher wattages. HO lamps have the same diameter and length as standard T5 lamps.

How many lumens is a 8 foot T12 HO bulb?

Additional Information

Lamp Type: Fluorescent Tube
Lamp Shape: T12
Wattage: 110 W
Lumens: 7650
Length: 96 in.

What is the difference between a T8 and T12 fluorescent light?

T12 vs T8 Fluorescent Tubes The main difference between T8 and T12 tubes is the tube’s diameter. T12 tubes are 1.5″ in diameter while T8s are just one inch. All other things—socket sizes, lengths, distance between pins—are the same.

Can I replace a T12 bulb with a T8 bulb?

T8 tubes are simply 1 inch in diameter versus the 1.5 inch diameter of T12 tubes. In an effort to make LED tube lights compatible with the internal dimensions of most fixtures, you will find that most LED tube lights feature a T8 or 1 inch diameter. They can indeed be used in T12 fixtures.

Will a T5 bulb fit in a T12 fixture?

T5 lamps cannot replace T12 or T8 lamps because of differences in physical and electrical characteristics.

How many watts is a T12 HO bulb?

110 Watt
Product Attributes

Wattage 110 Watt
Base Type Rec. Double Contact
Lighting Technology Fluorescent
Length 96 in.
Diameter 1.5 in.

How many watts does an 8 foot fluorescent use?

A T8 fluorescent that uses 32 watts of energy typically produces 2500 lumens of light. It’s LED equivalent, while using only 17 watts, produces 2200 lumens. Additionally, T8 LED light bulbs have a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours, more than 3 times longer than 15,000 hour average lifespan of T8 fluorescent lights.

How many lumens is an 8 foot fluorescent light fixture?

Product Attributes

Life Hours 12,000
Lumens 5,500
Lumens (Mean) 5060
Base Type Single Pin
Lighting Technology Fluorescent

Can you use T8 fluorescent bulbs in a T12 fixture?

Can you put T8 bulbs in a T12 ballast?

Waveform Lighting’s T8 LED tube lights feature compatibility with all ballast configurations (ballast, ballast bypass single ended, ballast bypass double ended), so they can safely be used in T12 fixtures as long as the T12 ballast is bypassed or removed.