Do Timex still make Ironman watches?

The Timex Ironman continues to be Timex’s best selling brand.

Is Timex Ironman good?

Most importantly, it offered excellent functionality for an affordable price. I expected nothing less from the $99 Timex Ironman GPS, which bills itself as “the simplest GPS watch ever.” Unlike many fitness wearables, the Ironman GPS isn’t a gleaming touchscreen device that sits on your wrist.

When did Timex Ironman come out?

Timex Ironman and Indiglo In 1992 the first major update to the Ironman was implemented. Indiglo—replacing the old single LED backlight—was a true upgrade to the design. The Indiglo Ironman was originally a K-Mart exclusive (wowee) in 1992. By 1993 it hit a much wider market to industry fanfare.

What is the best Ironman watch?

Best triathlon watch 2022 to track your swims, cycles and runs with more accuracy

  • Coros. Pace 2.
  • Wahoo. Elemnt Rival.
  • Polar. Vantage V2.
  • Suunto. 9 Baro Titanium.
  • Garmin. Fenix 7 Solar Sapphire.
  • Polar. Vantage M.
  • Garmin. Forerunner 935.
  • Special. mention: Timex Ironman Classic 30.

Where is Timex Ironman made?

Known for their reasonably priced watches, Timex has been headquartered in Connecticut since 1854. The collection, called “American Documents”, is entirely made in America–apart from the Swiss quartz movement. This is a huge milestone for American manufacturing and watch-making in general.

What does Timex Ironman watch do?

Product Description. The undisputed favorite in sport watches, crosses nearly every finish line in the world. Built to be lightweight and sealed for water resistance, the iconic five-button design gives you direct access to all timers, alarms and of course our Indiglo night-light.

Which Timex Ironman watches have interval timers?

The Timex Ironman Classic 100 features a large display and fast 5-button access to 100-lap stopwatch memory, customizable alarm and interval/countdown timers. Water-resistant to 100 meters with Timex Indiglo backlight.

Are Timex watches good?

Timex has cemented its place in the watch industry with its high quality, superb craftsmanship, and accessibility. It is a high-end luxury watch that meets everyone’s requirements looking forward to buying a luxury watch at affordable prices.

What is the Timex Ironman watch?

The Timex Ironman Classic 50 was built as a lightweight sports watch and is sealed for water-resistance. Features include a stopwatch with a 50-lap memory, customizable alarm, countdown timer and Indiglo back-light. Water-resistant up to 100 meters.