Does Club 18-30 still exist?

Club 18-30 was sold on to Thomas Cook in 1998 and took around 45,000 guests each year….Club 18-30.

Type Private
Industry Package holidays
Founded 1968
Defunct 30 October 2018
Fate Closed

What is a 18 30s rep?

As a Club 18-30 rep you will be a ‘front line’ member of the resort team, responsible for ensuring every single guest has a fantastic holiday. You will be on call nearly 24/7 to answer any queries, deal with any difficult or demanding situations and to make sure our guests are contstantly entertained!

When did 18-30 holidays stop?

Prices are soaring for the very last Club 18-30 holiday, which departs from Manchester on 27 October 2018. A three-night all-inclusive holiday at the BH Mallorca Hotel in Magaluf is selling for £618 per person, with only three seats remaining. A UK-Australia return flight on that date is cheaper.

Who founded Club 18-30?

Club 18-30 was founded in 1965 by a company called the Horizon Group, marketed at young single people and couples without kids. The first holiday was to Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava – with 580 young people flown out.

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Is Magaluf a good lads holiday?

Magaluf! This buzzing Majorcan resort is a classic destination for a lads’ holiday – especially in 2022, if you’re looking for 24-hour nightlife. With more bars, clubs and places to party than pretty much anywhere else in the Mediterranean, this is THE place to really let off steam.

What do club reps do?

On a weekly basis you will be involved in duties ranging from airport transfers, welcome meetings, daily hotel visits, ensuring welfare of our guests, preparing and being involved in entertainment programmes, selling excursions and The Big Reunion, financial accounting and paperwork, just to name a few!

How much do you get paid to work in Ibiza?

The average summer wage is between €1000 (net) and €1500 (net) per month. This does not include tips or commission where appropriate. This may not seem like much, however… Some employers will provide accommodation.

What is a singles holiday?

A singles holiday on a group tour means you get a month or more of backpacking condensed into a week or two, with all the excitement and adventure of backpacking, but built for a professional that wants solo travel done in style.

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New York City No city in the United States has a wider variety of nightlife options than New York.

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The 11 best party cities in the world

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