Does Mac Pages support DOCX?

Formats you can open in Pages You can open these file formats in Pages on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and online at All Pages versions. Microsoft Word: Office Open XML (. docx) and Office 97 or later (.

Can you open a DOCX file on Mac?

A . docx file will open quite happily in Word for Mac, of course, but it can also be edited in Pages, the nearest thing to a first-party Apple equivalent. Simply drag the file on to Pages or Word in your dock and it’ll open in the chosen application. (Alternatively, you can right-click the file and select Open With.

How do I convert a DOCX file to a DOC on a Mac?

Type a name for the document, such as by adding “Word Version” to the original document’s name. Click a folder on your Mac where you want to save the Word version. Click the “File Format” drop-down menu, and then click “Word 2007 Format (docx)” to save it in a format that the latest version of Microsoft Word can open.

How do I open a DOCX file on Mac terminal?

How to Open a DOCX File in Mac OS X with Text Edit

  1. Go to the /Applications/ folder and open TextEdit.
  2. Locate the .docx file you wish to open in TextEdit and drag and drop the file on the TextEdit icon in the Dock *

How do I convert Pages to DOCX?

How to convert a PAGES to a DOCX file?

  1. Choose the PAGES file you want to convert.
  2. Click on “Start conversion” to convert your file from PAGES to DOCX.
  3. Download your DOCX file.

How do I view a .docx file?

SDOCX files can be opened with Samsung Notes or decompressed to view their contents. Samsung Notes is a note-taking app installed on some Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy A7 and A10, and other devices. In 2020, Samsung Notes began saving users’ notes as SDOCX files.

How do I open a docx document?

You can open a DOCX file with Microsoft Word in Windows and macOS. Word is the best option for opening DOCX files because it fully supports the formatting of Word documents, which includes images, charts, tables, and text spacing and alignment. Word is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Can Apple Pages open Word documents?

It’s easy to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages, which is Apple’s built-in word processing software for Mac computers. You may need to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages if you’re trying to edit documents between a PC and a Mac, and fortunately, both programs are very similar.

How do you create Word documents on a Mac?

Create a basic word processing document To open Pages, click the Pages icon in the Dock, Launchpad or Application folder. If the template chooser doesn’t appear, click New Document in the bottom-left corner of the dialogue. Double-click one of the blank templates in the Basic category. Start typing.

Why can’t I open a DOCX file on my Mac?

You can use TextEdit to open DOCX files. TextEdit is a simple but powerful word processing app that comes with your Mac. However, if the DOCX document is complex, the document may not render correctly in TextEdit.

How do I open a DOCX file?

How to Open a DOCX File. Microsoft Word (version 2007 and above) is the primary software program used to open and edit DOCX files. If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Word, you can download the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit, and save DOCX files in your older version of MS Word.