Does Public Mobile work on Telus phones?

Public Mobile uses the Telus Mobility 4G LTE network.

Does Public Mobile have the same coverage as Telus?

Public Mobile’s coverage is the same as what you would get with TELUS, meaning that no separate calling zones exist. The only difference is that you choose in advance whether you want Province wide, Canada wide or Canada-U.S. calling with your plan.

Is Telus shutting down Public Mobile?

With their acquisition of Public Mobile, Telus will be shutting down the latter’s older network and replace it with the company’s faster 4G network. This means close to 280,000 customers will be forced to buy new cellphones ahead of the network switch coming in May.

What phones does Public Mobile work with?

Phones compatible with Telus, Koodo, Bell, Virgin will work on Public Mobile network. All 3G, 4G phones from Rogers, Fido and ChatR are compatible and will work on the Public Mobile network.

Can I use Public Mobile SIM card with Telus?

Public Mobile’s Network Coverage Public Mobile operates on the same frequencies as Telus and Koodo. This is thanks to the fact that they all leverage on the Telus network.

Is Public Mobile iPhone compatible?

Checking those against the frequencies supported by various models of iPhone, any model since the iPhone 5 (this includes the iPhone 5S, 5C and SE) will be compatible with Public Mobile’s network.

Is Public Mobile data good?

Data with Public Mobile are limited to 3G speeds. This speed is still enough for good audio streaming, chat apps, emails, and more. Public Mobile data can also still play YouTube and Netflix thanks to its video experience optimization, which limits resolution for better playback.

Is Public Mobile still in business?

Telus says it will start shutting down Public Mobile’s cellphone network in May, moving the more than 260,000 discount customers to its main network over a period of several months. Telus, which bought Public Mobile last fall, says it is making the switch because the small carrier’s network uses old technology.

What is happening with Public Mobile?

Does Public Mobile support 5G phones?

Prepaid carriers like Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Chatr offer discounted service with slower data speeds, so customers won’t be able to take advantage of 5G speeds in the foreseeable future.

Is Public Mobile a CDMA carrier?

Public Mobile’s original CDMA network operated independently without the use of another carrier’s network, besides using TELUS as a roaming provider. Their legacy coverage network centered on Toronto, small parts of the GTA, and Montreal. Public Mobile now operates on TELUS’ 4G LTE network.

Does Public Mobile work with iPhone?

Assuming you already own an unlocked iPhone, you can simply insert a Public Mobile SIM card into your device, and you’ll be able to activate your device right away.