Does Starbucks get their coffee from Guatemala?

Guatemala is the world’s sixth-largest supplier of arabica beans, the variety favored by Starbucks Corp. The U.S. coffee giant even calls the country’s beans “the touchstone of quality” on its website.

Does Starbucks use free trade coffee?

Starbucks is one of the largest purchasers of Fairtrade-certified coffee in the world, bringing Fairtrade to coffee lovers across the globe.

Where does Starbucks get their products from?

The York Roasting Plant is one of the largest in the world and roasts over three million pounds of coffee every week! York is also the home of Starbucks largest Distribution Center, supplying products to Starbucks® stores and grocery channels across the Northeast, as well as parts of Canada and Europe.

Did Starbucks discontinue Guatemala Antigua?

I was disappointed to find that Starbucks had discontinued it, so I grabbed 2lbs from Amazon at an outrageously inflated price, knowing that if I ever want to drink this coffee again, then I’m just going to have to take it in the shorts and pay this price. The coffee itself is good.

How much does Guatemalan coffee cost?

Low quality coffee can be as cheap as $5 per pound for roasted coffee, whereas high- end coffee like the Pacamara variety can reach $20 per pound in the export market; the median domestic retail price is around $6.50 per pound for roasted coffee. Twenty six Guatemalan farms were awarded with the 2017 Cup of Excellence.

What countries does Starbucks get its coffee from?

Starbucks sources its arabica coffee from three key growing regions, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. However, their signature coffee blends are mostly from the Asia-Pacific region.

Where do Starbucks get their syrups from?

The syrups Starbucks uses are all Starbucks branded, but they are made by Fontana. These syrups can be bought online – see below!