Does the NZXT H440 come with fans?

The H440 comes standard with 4 of NZXT’s newly designed FN V2 case fans. An unheard of 3x 120mm in front and 1x 140mm in rear.

Are NZXT cases silent?

NZXT’s website even describes the H230 as “the perfect silent chassis for users looking for the bare essentials,” and for the most part that’s accurate. This is a no-frills silent case, with very little in the way of expandability.

Does the NZXT H510 support micro ATX?

Yes, the H510 will support any Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX sized motherboard.

Do NZXT cases have RGB?

This compact mid-tower is ideal for highlighting RBG-focused builds with a front tempered glass panel that showcases included Aer 2 RGB fans along with the easy-to-build-in features of the H510.

When did the NZXT H440 come out?

Los Angeles, CA – June 7th, 2016 – NZXT and Team EnVyUs proudly announce today the H440 EnVyUs. NZXT’s flagship mid tower, revamped by the fabled Boys in Blue, provides the ultimate case in both style and performance.

What GPU can fit in NZXT H510?


Max CPU Cooler Clearance 165mm
Max GPU Length Clearance 321-381mm

Is NZXT high quality?

NZXT is one of the most popular brands for high-quality computer cases, power supplies, and cooling fans. They are also well known for their PC gaming products. Ever since they started selling in 2004, they have expanded into various markets with great success.

Is Skytech a good company?

Do not buy from Skytech. Only 20 days after receiving the computer it has been crashing regularly, and 3 months later games started crashing every 5 minutes as well. Skytech support has been useless and has been ignoring my messages.

Is NZXT BLD overpriced?

NZXT’s BLD systems are good in their own way, plus you only have to deal with one company when it comes to issues and warranties. However, they are known to be overpriced, since the company has to add labor costs and a premium on top of that.