How accurate is a Browning BAR?

Shooting Statistics

Accuracy: 2.037 in.
Smallest Group: 1.691 in.
Barrel Length: 18 in.
Overall Length: 39 ³⁄₈ in.
Price: $1,469

What caliber was the Browning BAR?

Browning’s was quickly adopted. It was known as the Browning Automatic Rifle’ and was soon referred to primarily by its initials ‘B-A-R. ‘ The BAR was chambered for the standard M1906 (. 30-’06) cartridge and was capable of semi-automatic or fully automatic operation at the rate of some 550 rounds per minute.”

Does Browning make a semi automatic rifle?

The Browning® BAR Mark III Semi-Auto Rifle features a gas-operated system with a multi-lug rotary bolt, capable of cycling standard or magnum cartridges reliably in extreme conditions.

Who makes a 270 semi automatic rifle?

Remington Arms
270 Calibre with after market etching. The Remington Model 7400 is a series of semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Remington Arms. The Model 7400 was a replacement of the Model 740 rifle which Remington produced from 1952 to 1981.

Where are Browning rifles made today?

Today’s Browning firearms are made in either Belgium, Portugal, Japan or in the United States. The original Browning & Brothers store in Ogden, Utah. Photo was taken after production of the “Single Shot” had started. Shown is an original Browning Single Shot rifle.

Is the BAR an assault rifle?

The BAR isn’t an assault rifle because it is chambered in . 30-06 Springfield , a full power rifle cartridge. Assault rifles by definition use less powerful intermediate cartridges .

Is the Browning BAR a good hunting rifle?

It is a good rifle to own. Assuming you mean the Browning civilian BAR – they are excellent for hunting – a little heavy but very solid reliable dependable and accurate! The 30–06 is a tried and true big game cartridge capable of taking every big game animal in the North American continent including the big bears!