How accurate is in the loop?

In the ILR data, the sensitivity for detecting AF on the Holter was 81.6% (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.812–0.820; P < 0.001). The specificity was 99.9% (95% CI 0.998–0.999; P < 0.001). The PPV of the ILR was 99.5% (95% CI 0.994–0.995), but the NPV was 94.2% (95% CI 0.941–0.944).

Is in the loop a true story?

Noting that The Thick of It had been inspired by the Blair government’s attacks on the BBC in the wake of the Iraq war, the magazine Cinema Scope described In The Loop as a retelling of the chain of events that inspired Iannucci to devise the series.”

Why did Malcolm Tucker get fired?

However, Steve does to Malcolm what Malcolm did to him years before, forcing him to resign over the crime statistics by leaking it to the press before telling him, leaving Malcolm no choice but to do so. As he leaves Downing Street he vows to his comrades, “You will see me again!”

What is in the loop rated?

Not RatedIn the Loop / MPAA rating

Where did the expression in the loop come from?

It comes from military terminology, with officers in command needing to pass on orders to the soldiers. Keeping lines of communication open and regularly updated in a feedback loop, so all personnel are informed.

How long is in the loop movie?

1h 46mIn the Loop / Running time

What is the meaning of keep me in the loop?

to keep one informed of
New Word Suggestion. Keep one posted, to keep one informed of what events are occurring.

Is in the loop on Netflix?

Watch In the Loop on Netflix Today!

What happens at the end of the loop?

Due to Russ’ death and George’s disinterest in Loop-related concepts, Cole becomes the next in line to keep the Loop running. So, when he goes missing in the Tales from the Loop season 1 finale, the family legacy is threatened. Klara passes away, and Loretta becomes an older woman.

Who is in the loop based on?

Tales from the Loop
Based on Tales from the Loop by Simon Stålenhag
Developed by Nathaniel Halpern
Written by Nathaniel Halpern
Starring Rebecca Hall Paul Schneider Duncan Joiner Daniel Zolghadri Jonathan Pryce

Does Jakob ever get his body back?

Jakob then returned to the object in the woods, making a desperate move to try to get his own body back. This, however, only resulted in the original body of Danny ending up in a coma and Jakob’s consciousness being transferred inside a robot body.

Is there a season 2 of Tales from the Loop?

Tales From The Loop has not yet been renewed for a second season. The streaming platform and the show’s creators have yet to officially renew the season, but there is something else you should know. Nathaniel Halpern, the showrunner, previously stated that they had a plethora of ideas for a potential second season.