How big is the Jewish community in Northern Ireland?

There is an estimated 500 Jews living in Northern Ireland today, with 30 members attending the North Belfast Synagogue on a regular basis. As one of the first minority groups in Northern Ireland, the Jewish community and its individuals, has had an important input into Belfast’s history.

How many Jews are in Belfast?

The community follows the Ashkenazi Orthodox ritual. Membership has fluctuated from 78 in 1900, approximately 1500 during World War II, about 375 after World War II, to 350 in 1945, 380 in 1949 and 200 in 1999….

Belfast Jewish Community
Rite Nusach Ashkenaz
Leadership Rev David Kale (Rabbi)
Year consecrated 1964

Are there synagogues in Northern Ireland?

The Jewish community has had a presence in Northern Ireland since the mid-18th Century. At its peak, there were about 1,500 members but the population has been in sharp decline. The last remaining Northern Ireland synagogue, in north Belfast, has seen its numbers drop to just 76 – most of whom are elderly.

Do Ashkenazi Jews have more health issues?

While people from any ethnic group can develop genetic diseases, Ashkenazi Jews are at higher risk for certain diseases because of specific gene mutations. Scientists call this propensity to developing disease the Founder Effect. Hundreds of years ago, mutations occurred in the genes of certain Ashkenazi Jews.

Who is the current chief rabbi of Ireland?

MR GAVIN BRODER appears a little too relaxed for someone who is about to be officially inducted as the Chief Rabbi of Ireland. His office in Herzog House, Rathgar, Co Dublin, is calmly cluttered, his desk clear except for a large hardback copy of the Talmud, the 20 volume book on Jewish law.