How can I download EPF form?

The form required for claiming an EPF advance is Form 31….How to Download EPF Form 31 Online

  1. The member must log in using his/her UAN and password on the EPFO member portal.
  2. The member will have to go to the ‘Online Services’ tab and then select ‘Claim’ for generating an online request.

What are PF forms?

EPF Claim Form Details

  • Form 19 – Final Settlement of PF.
  • Form 10C – Pension Fund Settlement.
  • Form 10D – Pension Claims.
  • Form 20 – Claim PF by Nominee.
  • Form 5IF – Claim EDLI insurance benefits by Nominee.
  • Form 31 – Claim Advances from PF Balance.
  • Form 14 – Financing a Life Insurance Policy.
  • Form 13 – EPF Transfer Claim Form.

What is form 19 and 10C for Provident Fund?

Form 19 is filled for PF final settlement, Form 10C is filled for pension withdrawal and Form 31 is filled for partial EPF withdrawal. However, only the Composite Claim Form has to be filled for withdrawing funds offline.

What is Form 31 PF advance?

Form 31, also known as the EPF Advance Form, is generally used to file a claim for partial withdrawal or advance from the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account. Employees cannot withdraw money from their EPF accounts as and when required. There are set criteria for any sort of withdrawal.

What is the form 11 in PF?

Form 11 is used for the declaration of an employee for both provident fund and pension scheme. Any individual taking up employment in an organization in which the Employees’ Provident Fund and Family Pension Scheme are in force has to fill this form as a mandate.

Where do I get form 11?

An individual can download Form 11 through the website of The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, India, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India.

What is form No 9 in PF?

PF Form 9: This form is a declaration by an individual taking up work in a factory/ establishment where the Employees’ Pension Scheme is applicable.

How can I download my PF form 23?

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal and login with your UAN and password. Step 2: Now go to the manage option in the menu bar and select the basic details option from the sub menu. Step 3: Now you can find an option to correct your details.

What is form No 2 in PF?

The EPF Form 2 asks for a few details to process your application. This information includes information like name, marital status, address, and date of birth. The Form 2 covers the nomination of people in the event of death of the policyholder.

What is the form 10 in PF?

The individual can avail EPF withdrawal using Form 10C if that individual is unable to find employment after retiring from their previous job. In case, the member dies before 58 years of age, family members or legal nominee of the individual can withdraw the amount from EPS account.

What is form number 11 in PF?