How did Surya get six pack?

There is a lot of core, mixed with aerobics and exercises that focus on the abdominal muscles,’ says Suriya. hanging leg raises, hanging oblique raises, static hanging leg raises and many more. All these were specifically targeted at strengthening the core and building the abs.

Does Suriya have six pack?

SURIYA’S SIX-PACK & VIKRAM’S VISUAL IMPAIRMENT – SOME OF THE BIGGEST HOMEWORK ! Every single one of our gen-next actors now sport a six-pack or at least confident enough to flaunt their physique. Thanks to Suriya, who shed his shirts off for Vaaranam Aayiram and started a trend of sorts.

How can I get body like Surya?

The starts his workout session with 30 minutes of cardio after which he does weight training to build muscles and strengthen the core. Other exercises include static hanging leg raises, hanging oblique raises, hanging leg raises, chin ups and pull ups. He also does yoga and likes to go for jogging.

What is the age of Surya?

46 years (July 23, 1975)Suriya / Age

How did Suriya lose weight?

He believed in natural body building and kept himself away from steroids and artificial fat burners. Earlier Surya used to weigh around 75 kilos, but after following the GM diet and the workout regime designed by Satyajit, he lost around 11 kilos.

Who is the first six pack hero in Tamil?

Suriya is the first Tamil actor to develop six-pack abs for Gautam Menon-directorial Vaaranam Aayiram (2008).

Is Suriya a vegetarian?

“Of all the actors I have worked with, Suriya has an amazing body and I was surprised that he knew so much about fitness. The only difference is I follow a vegan diet,” says the actor who turned vegan 12 years ago and has never felt the need to switch back.

Is Suriya vegetarian?

How did jyothika lose weight?

She tried detoxing, upped her protein intake, and every few weeks would go on a new diet. It did help her shed 7 kilos, but after 6 months, it was time to join a gym.