How do I autofocus in live view?

To use autofocus, rotate the focus-mode selector to AF. Autofocus mode can be selected by pressing the AF mode button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the viewfinder or control panel. 01. To focus in manual focus mode, rotate the lens focus ring until the subject is in focus.

Does the Nikon D7000 have live view?

Nikon D7000 Live View. The Nikon D7000 includes live view capability with one-touch activation, via a dedicated Live View switch on its rear panel, in very convenient reach of your thumb. Flick it at any time, and the mirror flips up, with the camera immediately entering Live View mode.

Does Nikon D7000 have autofocus?

The Nikon D7000 is equipped with a brand-new 39 Point AF System with 9 cross-type sensors. As I pointed out in my DSLR Autofocus Modes article, the higher the number of cross-type sensors, the better.

What is AF method FlexiZone?

[FlexiZone – Multi] is an AF method that makes it easy to focus a moving subject. You can focus over a wide area with up to 31 AF points (automatic selection). This wide area can also be divided into 9 zones for focusing (zone selection).

What is the difference between live mode and quick mode?

Live mode uses contrast detection on the imaging sensor and is more accurate, Quick mode uses phase detection and the ordinary AF sensor that is used for viewfinder operation and is, well, quicker. Quick mode also utilizes the usual 9 AF points, whereas Live mode uses a single moveable AF point.

What is Dioptric adjustment knob?

The diopter adjustment allows you to customize the viewfinder so that you can see a clear, focused image inside the viewfinder without using eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

How do I connect my Nikon D7000 to my computer?

Copying Pictures to the Computer

  1. Connect the USB cable. After turning the camera off and ensuring that a memory card is inserted, connect a USB cable (available separately) as shown and then turn the camera on.
  2. Start Nikon Transfer 2 component of ViewNX-i.
  3. Click Start Transfer.
  4. Terminate the connection.

How do I view pictures on my Nikon D7000?

Choosing camera settings and viewing photos: Press the Menu button to access menu settings or press the Playback button to view pictures or movies, as you normally do.