How do I change the file extension in WinSCP?

With WinSCP scripting, you can use an operation mask to do simple batch changes to file names like:

  1. changing an extension: mv *. htm *. html.
  2. adding a suffix: mv *. html *-backup. html.
  3. changing leading characters: mv new*. * old*. *

Does WinSCP have a file size limit?

WinSCP places no limits on the size of the file transferred.

How do I enable file transfer in WinSCP?

Use box Transfer mode to select preferred transfer mode. If you select Automatic mode, you should update the text file mask in Transfer following files in text mode. The option is not available with WebDAV and S3 protocols.

How do I rename a file in WinSCP?

To rename file, focus it in file panel and go to File(s) > Rename, click respective toolbar button or use file context menu. In-line editor box will appear over name of file.

How do I change transfer settings in WinSCP?

Default Transfer Settings To change the settings, use Edit button to show Transfer Settings dialog (alternatively you may click Transfer settings box). You cannot delete nor reorder the default transfer settings.

How do I move files in WinSCP script?

WinSCP does not have any command to move local files to another local folder. There’s Windows move command, with the syntax you are using. So you need to move the move command from WinSCP script into your batch file. And you should call move , only when WinSCP succeeds.

Can I transfer files between two remote servers with WinSCP?

With WinSCP you can manipulate remote files directly on the server without downloading them to local machine. You can particularly move or duplicate remote files to different remote directory. You can also duplicate a remote file to different server using local temporary copy.

How do I transfer files from PC to PC using WinSCP?

Using WinSCP to transfer files

  1. Open WinSCP.
  2. Specify a hostname or IP address and a port along with your credentials to login to the lab machine.
  3. If you receive any authentication prompts, click “Yes” or “Continue”

How do I rename a folder in WinSCP?

This tutorial assumes you already have WinSCP running on your computer, and connected to a remote server….Managing files/folders in WinSCP

  1. Click Create Directory.
  2. Type the name of the new folder here, then click OK.
  3. Select the folder to be renamed.
  4. Click Rename.

How do I rename multiple files in SFTP?

2 Answers

  1. Issue a first SFTP command that does a ls of the directory, and capture its output.
  2. process that output to generate the list of rename command for each file.
  3. Issue a second SFTP command with execute that list of rename commands.

Where is WinSCP configuration file?

INI File Location The INI file needs to have an . ini extension and the same name as the executable (i.e. WinSCP. ini ). If INI file in not found there, WinSCP looks to application data directory of your user profile, i.e. to C:\Userssername\AppData\Roaming\WinSCP.