How do I comment out code in XQuery?

XQuery comments, delimited by (: and ๐Ÿ™‚ , can be added to any query to provide more information about the query itself. These comments are ignored during processing. XQuery comments can contain any text, including XML markup.

Is XQuery case insensitive?

XQuery is a case-sensitive language. Keywords in XQuery use lowercase characters and are not reserved.

What is the correct syntax for comments in XQuery?

XQuery Syntax

  • XQuery is case-sensitive.
  • XQuery elements, attributes, and variables must be valid XML names.
  • An XQuery string value can be in single or double quotes.
  • An XQuery variable is defined with a $ followed by a name, e.g. $bookstore.
  • XQuery comments are delimited by (: and :), e.g. (: XQuery Comment ๐Ÿ™‚

How do I comment out a section in XML?

If you want to comment out a single line in the XML code, insert your cursor at the beginning of a line you want to comment out. Type a less-than symbol followed by an exclamation point and two dashes. Move your cursor to the end of the line and then type two dashes followed by a greater-than symbol.

Which of the following statement is correct about XQuery?

Point out the correct statement. Explanation: In Sql Server XQuery statements are case sensitive since xml is case sensitive. Hence while query to xml data remember this thing.

How do you comment a block in POM XML?

In the Android Studio, select the block, then Ctrl + Slash to comment it (or Ctrl + Shift + Slash). One can run into problems using — within this type of comment. Better to use – -> if you need to temporarily nest a comment. In HTML anyway (a subset of xml), including — inside a comment is not valid.

How do you comment multiple lines in XML?

โ€œmulti-line comment xmlโ€ Code Answer

What is the use of XQuery language?

XQuery was devised primarily as a query language for data stored in XML form. So its main role is to get information out of XML databases โ€” this includes relational databases that store XML data, or that present an XML view of the data they hold.