How do I contact CalHFA?

If these possibilities do not cover your circumstances, please feel free to contact our offices at 1-800-669-1079 or email us at [email protected].

Can a CalHFA loan be forgiven?

The CalHFA EEM Grant is for up to 4% of the first mortgage total loan amount, including Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium. If a homeowner stays in the home for three years, the 4% grant is completely forgiven, and the homeowner does not have to pay it back.

How long is CalHFA approval?

A CalHFA first mortgage generally has a turnaround time at CalHFA of 1-2 business days for compliance review. CalHFA loans have straightforward paperwork, quick processing and dedicated customer service. Many of CalHFA’s preferred loan officers have closed CalHFA loans within 30 days.

Will California pay off my mortgage?

Gavin Newsom announced Monday the federal government approved his mortgage relief plan. California will use about $1 billion in federal money to help people who fell behind on their mortgage payments during the pandemic. The program will pay past due housing payments in full, up to a maximum of $80,000 per household.

Is CalHFA a government agency?

CalHFA is a completely self-supporting state agency, and its bonds are repaid by revenues generated through mortgage loans, not taxpayer dollars.

Does CalHFA require tax returns?

How many years’ tax returns do I need to submit for the CalHFA FHA? One (1) year tax return is required for a non-first-time homebuyer.

What are the benefits of a CalHFA loan?

One of the most important benefits of using a CalHFA loan for a homebuyer is the access it provides to down payment assistance programs, and the most important providers of down payment assistance programs are localities and non-profits.

Can a CalHFA loan be subordinated?

CalHFA Subordinate Loans Cannot Be Subordinated CalHFA eliminated its subordination program on July 1, 2019. CalHFA now requires all subordinate loans to be paid in full if the first mortgage is refinanced.