How do I contact TTS DTS?

If not known call DTS help desk at 1-888-435-7146.

Why can’t I access DTS?

To resolve, DTS must be included in your browser’s Pop-up Blocker Allowed Sites. If the page does not remain open long enough for you to press the “Allow” button in the pop-up banner, it will need to be allowed manually via settings. Each browser has different methods of accessing their Pop-up Blocker Settings.

How do I activate my DTS account?

To activate one of your profiles, enter the SSN associated with that profile twice (and place a check in the Reserve/National Guard box if necessary). When you select Submit, DTS activates the profile and opens the DTS Dashboard for that profile.

Can you use DTS for personal travel?

A DoD personal services contract employee may use DTS for TDY travel. Government reimbursement to the Government contractor or contractor’s employee for travel is determined by the terms and conditions of the contract (see Department of Defense Instruction 3020.41, “Operational Contract Support (OCS)”).

How do I access my military email?

You can access DOD Mobile Webmail by following this link: You will need a CAC (Common Access Card) to access it. When prompted to choose a certificate, be sure to pick the certificate with “DOD EMAIL” in the name.

How long does DTS take to pay?

As a rule of thumb, DTS (in conjunction with your organization’s official accounting system) repays travelers within three business days of the Authorizing Official (AO) approving the traveler’s voucher*.

What does DTS mean in the military?

The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the …

How do I get DTS on my Mac?

Safari is the only browser option (Chrome and Firefox will not allow access to DTS on a Mac). DTS requires that users choose their DOD ID certificate (or similar PIV certificate) when logging in. Mac users who select the DOD Email certificate are ‘locked’ into that choice and receive “Technical difficulty” errors.

How do I get DTS to work on my Mac?

Re: DTS on Mac With Safari open, go to the Safari menu (next to the apple) and choose Preferences. Click the Security tab, then check the checkbox for “Allow Java”. The next time to you go to DTS, it may take a minute or two, but you should be prompted to allow the applet to run.

What is DTS account?

DTS is an online system that automates temporary duty (TDY) travel. It allows active duty Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard members to create authorizations, book reservations, receive approval, generate payment vouchers, and direct payments to their bank accounts and Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC).

How long does it take for DTS to pay you?