How do I delete multiple payroll results in SAP HR?


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Human Resources Payroll Tools Problem Solving Delete Payroll Result. in the SAP menu.
  2. Enter the personnel number and choose Execute .
  3. A list of all payroll results generated during the last payroll run is displayed.
  4. Choose Delete and confirm the system’s query.

How do I delete a payroll post in SAP?


  1. Enter the posting run overview.
  2. Select the posting runs you want to delete.
  3. Choose . A dialog box appears in which you need to confirm the delete operation.
  4. Choose Immediately or Create Job to start the delete operation, or Cancel to cancel the delete operation.

How do I check my payroll results in SAP HR?

Step 1) Type PC_PAYRESULT into the SAP transaction code box. Step 2) Under Selection, Enter the Personnel number of the employee/s you wish to view pay results. Enter the date you wish to view all results from.

What is payroll cluster SAP?

Payroll cluster enables you to view all the payroll related information for an employee at a single place. The information like, in which payroll cycle the employee lies, what is the run date and run time for a particular payroll, which is the active payroll, is quite easy to retrieve using payroll cluster.

How do I delete payroll?

Deleting a posted payroll

  1. Click the Payroll tab from the left menu.
  2. Select Employees list.
  3. Under Run Payroll, select Paycheck List.
  4. Change the date range if necessary, and then select the paycheck you want to delete.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Mark the tick box to confirm the deletion, and then click Delete Paycheck.

How do you delete a post in SAP?

Access the posting run overview. Select the posting runs you want to delete. Choose Delete. This takes you to a dialog box in which you must confirm the deletion.

How do I delete a document in SAP?

It is possible to delete a document in SAP system. If you want to remove a document, navigate to SAPScript → Standard Text → Enter the Text name and click Change. The document will open in editor. To delete the document, go to Text → Delete → Yes.

How do I delete a company in SAP FICO?

Open the client and put teh same in TEST mode. First delete all the transaction data in GL,AP and AR. Secondly delete the master data if it is not shared or required for other company codes. Now go to EC01 and delete the Company code.

How do I delete an accounting document in SAP?

We do not have the option to delete the document number in SAP. But we can reverse the Document number with using t code Fb 08.

Which transaction code is used for editing a posting run?

SAP Transaction Code: PCP0 – Edit posting runs.

What is payroll control record in SAP HR?

Payroll control record is used to run the payroll process in HR system. Payroll Control record is used to lock the master data during the payroll run and thus lock the changes during payroll processing. You have to set up Payroll control record manually for each part of payroll run.

How do I check my payroll?

Use the following steps to get started on your payroll audit process.

  1. Look at the employees listed on your payroll. Review your employees listed on your payroll.
  2. Analyze your numbers.
  3. Verify time is correctly labeled.
  4. Reconcile your payroll.
  5. Confirm tax withholdings, remittance, and reports are accurate.