How do I edit my boot ini?

Edit the Boot. ini file

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad.
  2. On the File menu, click Open.
  3. In the Look in box, click the system partition, in the Files of type box, click All Files, locate and click the Boot.
  4. Make the changes that you want to the Boot.

How do I edit boot manager?

To edit boot options in Windows, use BCDEdit (BCDEdit.exe), a tool included in Windows. To use BCDEdit, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the computer.

How do I change Windows boot files?

Click Start > Control Panel > System. In the System Properties window, click the Advanced tab. In the Startup and Recovery area, click Settings. Click Edit to edit the boot.

Where are boot files located?

It is located at the root of the system partition, typically c:\Boot. ini.

How do I get to advanced startup options in Windows 8?

Method 1: SHIFT + Restart

  1. Hold down either SHIFT key while tapping or clicking on Restart, available from any Power icon. Tip: Power icons are available in Windows 8 from either the Settings charm or from the logon/lock screen.
  2. Wait while the Advanced Startup Options menu opens.

How do I remove BIOS boot options?

From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Boot Options > Advanced UEFI Boot Maintenance > Delete Boot Option and press Enter. Select one or more options from the list. Press Enter after each selection.

How do I get to Windows boot options?

The Advanced Boot Options screen lets you start Windows in advanced troubleshooting modes. You can access the menu by turning on your computer and pressing the F8 key before Windows starts. Some options, such as safe mode, start Windows in a limited state, where only the bare essentials are started.

How do I make a boot ini file?

Type “/fastdetect” — without quotes — when the message “Enter Operating System Load Options” appears. Press “Enter” to create a new boot. ini file.

How do I use boot ini?

How to view the contents of boot. ini

  1. Click Start > Run.
  2. In the Run line, type msconfig and press Enter .
  3. Click the boot. ini tab.