How do I find my Erasmus number?

Access the Organisation Registration system for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and register (if applicable) on behalf of the organisation/group they represent. The applicants need to register only once.

Is it difficult to get into Erasmus Mundus?

The above mentioned will inform you that the scholarship is very intensive and highly competitive as applicants will be competing with other top students with excellent profiles from all over the world. As an applicant, you are only allowed to apply to a maximum of three programmes per cycle at present.

How many Erasmus programs can I apply to?

three different
Yes, applicants for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship may apply to a maximum of three different Erasmus Mundus joint programmes (EMMC or EMJD) at the same time.

What is Erasmus ID code?

Organization ID (OID) and Participant Identification Code (PIC number) are unique identifiers of organizations/institutions used to participate in Erasmus+ projects.

What is PIC number Erasmus?

A Personal Identification Code (PIC) is an identification number used to identify your school or organisation as an economic entity for Erasmus+ applications.

How many times can we apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

Has the rule changed? It is officially confirmed that there is no official limit for the amount of programmes that applicants can apply for. Previously, under the former EMJMD action, students could only apply for an EMJMD scholarship to a maximum of three different joint programmes per academic year.

Does Erasmus have age limit?

There is no age limit to participate in any Erasmus+ mobility activity. However, you will need to fulfil the selection criteria for the programme you are applying for, as defined by your higher education institution. 14.

What happens if you fail Erasmus?

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the International Office receive your transcript and any other certificates from your year abroad. If you fail to do this, the exam board will mark your academic year as incomplete.

How do I get Erasmus PIC code?

Organisations should register via the Funding & Tenders portal. Once registered, you will receive a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). This unique identifier will be used as a reference by the Executive Agency in any interactions.