How do I find my unclaimed retirement benefits?

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators runs , a free tool to search for unclaimed assets in any state you’ve lived in. offers resources to connect citizens with unclaimed money from the U.S. government.

What happens to my union pension if I leave the union?

A: No. Benefits like health insurance, vision and dental insurance, and retirement funds are negotiated for all the employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement. As a result, a public employee will not lose these benefits if they leave the union.

Can union employees be excluded from a 401k plan?

Benefits like 401k plans are not automatically provided to union workers. They must be negotiated between unions and employers.

Can a company take away your pension?

Pension plans can become underfunded due to mismanagement, poor investment returns, employer bankruptcy, and other factors. Single-employer pension plans are in better shape than multiemployer plans for union members. Religious organizations may opt out of pension insurance, giving their employees less of a safety net.

Do I have a 401k out there?

You can check the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits at to see if your former employer has listed you as a missing or non-responsive 401(k) participant.

How do I find out if my 401k is deceased?

Check the National Registry for Unclaimed Retirement Benefits at to see if your former employer listed you as a missing participant. The registry is a nationwide secure database listing of retirement plan account balances that have not been claimed.

How much is the average union pension?

The average amount works out to $60,000. The defined benefit plan applies a pension factor of 1.5 percent. Multiply $60,000 times 1.5 percent and then multiply by the 30 years of service. The annual pension amount comes to $27,000.