How do I fix the error E64 on my Frigidaire Affinity dryer?

The error code E64 means Heater Open Circuit. This error appears when the Heating element or wiring to the heating element is defective. To clear the error code press and hold the far left key under the display and “cancel” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

What does E64 mean on a washing machine?

Failure of motor heat protector. Within the main drive, motor circuits are connections and connector blocks that protect the motor. If these are damaged the appliance will detect an error and prevent the motor from overheating. The carbon brushes will need to be inspected, as will the tacho connections.

Where is the heating element on a Frigidaire dryer?

The Frigidaire dryer heating element is on the inside of the back panel behind the dryer drum and is designed to provide the heat used to dry the clothes. The Frigidaire dryer heating element is set in a circular metal cage and can be replaced as a unit.

How do I clear the error code on my Frigidaire Affinity dryer?

Check or Repair = Remove the dryer from power for 10 minutes to try and reset the main control board. Apply power back to the dryer. Start a test dry cycle to see if the error has cleared.

How do you reset the code on a Electrolux dryer?

Reset Machine Sometimes the electronic equipment freezes and resetting the machine can clear the error code. To reset your Electrolux dryer, press and hold the “temperature” and “dryness” buttons simultaneously. Keep these buttons depressed for at least six seconds to reset the machine.

What does E 65 mean on a Electrolux dryer?

E65 – Main control detected the high limit thermostat tripped to often (electric only).

How do you clear the error code on an Electrolux dryer?

What is code E63?

E63- Other nutritional deficiencies ›

How much does it cost to replace the heating element in a dryer?

Dryer Heating Element Cost For the cost of parts and labor, you should budget at least $170 to $280 for a new heating element. An appliance technician typically charges between $80 and $100 per hour for labor. This cost also includes a one-time service fee. Most technicians’ service fees span from $50 to $80.

Why does my dryer heating element keeps burning out?

If the coil gets too hot, it burns out. Among the conditions that can cause elevated temperatures are insufficient airflow in the element compartment, failure of safety devices and a power surge.