How do I get a spot at the Des Moines Farmers Market?

To receive application information, please follow these steps:

  1. Step One: Download the Vendor Information Guide and learn more about how to become a vendor at The Market.
  2. Step Two: Get on the 2023 Interested Vendor mailing list! Complete this form to receive 2023 vendor application notices and updates. *

How many people attend the Des Moines Farmers Market?

Running from 7 a.m. to noon each Saturday, the market, covering nine blocks of the Court Avenue district, typically attracts 25,000 people a week, and upwards of 40,000 on opening day.

Is the Ankeny Farmers Market open today?

When to visit: The market is open Saturdays 9 a.m. – noon through September 25 at Ankeny Market and Pavilion Park, 715 W 1st Street in Uptown Ankeny.

Where is the biggest farmers market in Iowa?

Cedar Rapids Farmers Market, Cedar Rapids, IA Taking place twice a month during the summer, the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market is one of the biggest in the Midwest, featuring over 200 vendors and an average of 14,000 visitors for this bi-monthly event.

Are dogs allowed at the Des Moines Farmers Market?

On-leash dogs are still welcome, but attendees are encouraged to review the FAQs on the Downtown Farmers’ Market website before bringing them along.

Are masks required at Des Moines Farmers Market?

The season started with masks required. Following updated guidance from the CDC, masks are now voluntary for attendees.

How many farmers markets are in Iowa?

200 farmers markets
Some 200 farmers markets in Iowa provide direct marketing outlets for fresh locally grown produce; baked goods; and a variety of products from eggs to meat, wine, cheese and crafts.

Are dogs allowed at Des Moines Farmers Market?

How do I sell food at a farmers market in Iowa?

What you need to know before selling at a farmers market

  1. A separate license is required for each county in which a vendor sells food.
  2. Each annual license is $150.
  3. The license is only valid at farmers markets.
  4. If the vendor operates two or more stands simultaneously, a separate license is required for each unit.

Do I need a license to sell honey in Iowa?

Pies that require temperature control once they have been prepared are a “potentially hazardous food.” Prepackaged, shelf-stable food products such as honey, jams, jellies, or dried noodles may be sold at a farmers market without a license.

Do you need a permit to sell produce in Iowa?

Iowa has been allowing sales of homemade food since at least the 1980s. First, Iowa has an exemption that allows producers can sell most types of non-perishable food products from home and at farmers markets, without needing any license or permit from the Department of Inspections & Appeals.

Can I sell food from home Iowa?

Iowa cottage food producers who operate a Home Food Operation may sell their foods directly to consumers in private residences or farmers’ markets. Online and retail sales at grocery stores are forbidden. Once a Home Food Operation is running, the state does not impose a revenue cap.