How do I get an FIA affiliated artist card?

To get an Artist card from CINTA you will require the following documents.

  1. Duly filled Membership Form.
  2. Current Address Proof (Xerox Copy of any one of these: Electricity Bill/Aadhar Card/Passport/Leave & License/PG Agreement)
  3. Permanent Address Proof (Xerox Copy of any one of these: Electricity Bill/Aadhar Card/Passport)

What is a Cinta card?

Membership of CINTAA is meant for any Indian national performer who is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to perform as an artist and who plays or has been engaged to play a significant role in a feature film, TV serials, Tele films, live performances, advertisement films shown on screen, digital or any new media …

Is it mandatory to have an artist card?

Primarily artist card is needed as it offers a protection to an artist’s main needs like payments, working hours and so on. When a large production house requires a huge number of junior artists, the authentic organizations produce these cards.

How many types of artist cards are there?

About us artist card The cost of an artist card is 2000 and it can be of two types: one is for junior artists and the other one is for senior artists. These cards are registered by authentic companies like Filmcity Cine T.V.

How do I get a film city card?

Get Artist Card At Your Home Home by Applying in Our Website Filmcity Cine T.V.

Who set up the Junior artists Association in Mumbai?

When Pappu ji started his business, supplying junior artists was a simpler task. Any living, breathing person could be put in the frame. He says the business started getting more serious when Mansoor Khan started making films in the late 80s and 90s.

What is an FIA affiliated union?

Set up in 1952, the International federation of Actors (FIA) represents performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations around the world.

How do you become a member of Movie artists Association?

To get MAA membership, one has to pay Rs. 90,000 and can pay it in four installments. If any actor wants to get MAA membership, they have to follow some conditions(should act in atleast three movies, name should be displayed in the title cards).

How can I become a Bollywood actress?

  1. Join an Acting School.
  2. Take an Online MasterClass.
  3. Create a Portfolio, Website and Social Media Presence.
  4. Learn Hindi or Try Regional Films.
  5. Network with Influential Bollywood Insiders.
  6. Approach a Casting Agency.
  7. Use Social Media to Find Acting Auditions in Mumbai.
  8. Attend every Hindi Movie Audition you get called to.

How can I become a Bollywood junior artist?

For become a junior artist, you should know about acting skill. The best way for be a junior artist, you can send your complete biodata and recent photo to casting agency. There are many contractor of junior artist supplier , there you can submit your resume and photo.

Who is junior artist?

Artists who play a fairly insignificant and short role are called junior artists. Many of today’s famed artists have already worked as junior artists.

How much do junior artists get paid?

Junior Artist salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 4.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.0 Lakhs.